A Voluntary Organisation Committed to the Cause of Science, Culture and Scientific Outlook

About us

About Breakthrough Science Society

The science organization Breakthrough Science Society (BSS) was established in the year 1995 as a platform to create a new science movement in the country. The BSS is a non-profit social welfare organization registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 with the Registration No. S/86180 of 1996-97.

Objectives of Breakthrough Science Society

  • To cultivate scientific and logical faculty of mind;
  • To foster consciousness against unscientific beliefs, superstitions, fanaticism, communalism, casteism, etc.;
  • To disseminate and popularize different discoveries and advancements of science;
  • To cultivate the study of history and philosophy of science;
  • To inculcate ethical values and social responsibility in all fields of scientific endeavour;
  • To devise and introduce correct method of teaching and learning of science;
  • To conduct campaign for the introduction of a secular, scientific and democratic education policy;
  • To move for the introduction of pro-people government policies in regard to research, development, and application of science and technology for the benefit of the people;
  • To build up movement for the socialization of natural resources and for the correct use of science and technology to ensure sustainable development and protection of environment; and
  • To fight against the misuse of science for the destruction of humanity.

Constitution of Breakthrough Science Society