Jharkhand State Committee

President: Dr. Shibnath Majumdar

Vice president: Dr Amitab Bose, Robin Samajpati, Dr Rita Majumdar, Shailendra Asthana

Secretary: Kanay Barik

Treasurer cum Office Secretary: Bijay Kumar

Executive Committee: Prasant Kumar, Patit Kuila, Amar Mahato, Ananta Kumar, Vivek Kumar Banniseikha, Asha Paul, Yudhisthir Kumar, Prabin Mahato, Sushil Giri, Arun Kumar, Aushik Kumar, Fazal Kumar

State Chapter News

Webinar: Synthetic Theory of Evolution

Webinar: Radioactivity and Life Struggle of Madam Curie

Evolution of Human

Origin of life Episode-3 Evolution Of Human
Speaker :- Prof. Abhijit DuttaRtd. University Professor, University Dept. Of Zoology, Ranchi University
Origin of life Episode-3 Evolution Of Human

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“Various Questions Related Covid Infection And Vaccination” – Webinar

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‘Environment and Natural Calamities’ – Webinar

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Webinar: ‘Origin of Life’

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Origin of Life – Webinar series

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Jupiter Saturn Conjunction: Observation programme by BSS Jharkhand chapter

In Jharkhand, two programs on the occasion of Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

1. At Ghatshila, a Sky watch program was organized on Dec 21. Students and their guardians numbering more than 200 participated in the program. The local newspapers reported about the program.

2. Hazaribag & Bokaro Chapter organized a webinar on 21 December, 2020 at 4:30 pm. The speakers Mr Rajesh Kumar and Mr  Manoranjan Kumar explained about the astronomical phenomenon of Jupiter – Saturn conjunction.

Webinar on Iswar Chand Vidyasagar – BSS Jharkhand

BSS Jharkhand Chapter – National Science Day Observance

National Science Day was observed with great enthusiasm in several parts of Jharkhand. On 28 February, a discussion on “The role of women in the development of science” was organized by the Einstein Club at Ghatshila.  Mr Chandan Kundu, the secretary of the club was the main speaker.

Similar programs were organised in Dhalbhumgarh High School &  Bhangabandhi High School, Ghatshila, where Mr Sushil Giri  and  Mr Satyaranjan addressed. 

Science Day program at Ghatshila

A Seminar on ” Women in Science” was organized at Tata College Chaibasa . Mr Kanay Barik was the main speaker.

On 1st  March, a science conference was organized by the BSS Jamshedpur chapter. Dr. Amitab Bose and Mr Prasant were the main speakers.

At Bokaro and Chandil, a discussion was organized in a coaching center. Speakers were Mr Vijay Kumar and Mr Anant Kumar.