15 Sept 2020:

Breakthrough Science Society Dhamtari Chapter in Chhattisgarh organized a webinar on 15 Sept, 2020 on the occasion of 53rd Engineer’s day on the topic “The role of engineering in the development of society and civilization”. Mr. Yogesh Dewangan (Principal, Govt  ITI Kurud ) and Miss Pooja Sharma (State convener, BSS Chhattisgarh chapter ) were the main speakers.

India March for Science – 9th Aug 2020

An online poster demonstration was organised on the occasion of the India March for Science on Aug 9, 2020. Students held placards with the demands of IMFS and circulated on social media.

A webinar was also organised in which Dr. D S V G K Kaladhar (HOD, Microbiology Dept. Atal Bihari Bajpeyee Vishwavidyalaya Bilaspur) and   Dr. Renu Nayar (HOD, Chemistry Dept. DP Vipra College Bilaspur) spoke on the issues raised by the March for science movement.

30 July 2020:

BSS Chhattisgarh Chapter organised a webinar on July 30, 2020 to commemorate the 129th death anniversary ( 29 July) of the great humanist “Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar”.  Mr. Debashish Roy (Vice president All India BSS) was the main speaker.

25 June 2020:

Breakthrough Science Society Chattisgarh State Chapter organized a webinar on “Covid-19, it’s social impact and the role of the science activists”.  Mr. Debashish Roy, All India Vice President of Breakthrough Science Society was the main speaker. Dr. D S V G K Kaladhar (HOD of Microbiology dept., Atal Bihari Bajpeyee Vishwavidyalaya Bilaspur) made a detailed presentation on Corona Virus. Mr. Sharad Kokas, science activist spoke about the misinformation on the Corona virus prevalent in the society.

19 Oct 2019:

As part of observance of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar day (Sept 26) , Breakthrough Science Society Chhattisgarh chapter organized  a program in D P Vipra  college Bilaspur. Mr. Debashish Roy, All India Vice President of Breakthrough Science Society was the main speaker. He gave a lecture on the life struggle of Vidyasagar.

8 Sept 2019:

Learning  Science through experiments program was organised by the Breakthrough Science Society Bilaspur Chapter.

Mr. Vijay (Council member of All India BSS) demonstrated experiments using household materials and explained the scientific principles behind the experiments. Mr. Patit Pawan (Executive committee member of All India BSS) spoke about the need to think scientifically. Mr.Kanay Barik (Executive member of All India BSS) spoke about life struggle of great scientists Albert Einstein and Giordano Bruno during the program.

On 21st  December, 2020, BSS Tripura Chapter organised a sky watch program at Arundhati Nagar H. S. School ground where participants viewed  the rare cosmological event  ‘ Jupiter- Saturn Conjunction’. The participants also viewed moon and it’s craters. More than 50 students participated in the viewing program and the discussion on astronomy.

The Indore chapter of BSS organised a science experiments demonstration program on 27 Dec 2020. Children demonstrated several science experiments and projects and explained the principles behind them.  Their parents were also participated in the program and appreciated the BSS team. Mr.Ajit Singh Panwar and Mrs. Arshi Agarwal discussed about the need to cultivate scientific outlook, particularly in children.  Around 50 students participated in the program.

In Jharkhand, two programs on the occasion of Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

1. At Ghatshila, a Sky watch program was organized on Dec 21. Students and their guardians numbering more than 200 participated in the program. The local newspapers reported about the program.

2. Hazaribag & Bokaro Chapter organized a webinar on 21 December, 2020 at 4:30 pm. The speakers Mr Rajesh Kumar and Mr  Manoranjan Kumar explained about the astronomical phenomenon of Jupiter – Saturn conjunction.

Preview(opens in a new tab)Add titleJupiter-Saturn Conjunction: Observation programme organised by BSS West Bengal chapter

This year the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for the discovery of ‘genetic scissors’ one of the sharpest tools of gene technology. Breakthrough Science Society, West Bengal Chapter organized a webinar titled “CRISPR/CAS: Cut your gene where you want” on 20 Dec, 2020. The speaker was Prof. Parimal Mishra, Chief Scientist and Professor, Dr. Reddy’s Institute of Life Science, Hyderabad. The program was live streamed through BSS YouTube channel, BSS West Bengal Chapter Facebook page as well as Google Meet link. Nearly 2200 participants (In two Google meet links – 500, YouTube channel -700 and Facebook-1000) took part in this webinar. Prof. Mishra elaborately discussed the fundamentals of CISPR/CAS based genetic engineering tools and its diverse applications in medical science particularly in drug design system. The talk was followed by a Questions-answer session in which many participated actively.

Breakthrough Science Society, Jamalpur, Bihar organized a viewing program of the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on 21 Dec, 2020, an event which occurred after almost 400 years, using a reflecting-type telescope. Many teachers, students and local people watched the event with enthusiasm. Later, a short quiz on astronomy was also organized.

It is reported that three international academic publishers – Elsevier, Wiley, and the American Chemical Society (ACS) – have sought a ban on the websites Sci-Hub and LibGen, which make research papers and similar academic material accessible to all. More than 2000 scientists, professors, researchers, teachers and students from all over India have signed a statement supporting free access to knowledge and urging the Court and the Government to allow the Indian academic community to continue to access Sci-Hub and LibGen. The text of the statement and the names of a few signatories are given below. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL STATEMENT