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Make Knowledge Free, Not Private Property’Online All India Convention.

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Date and time: 9 January, 2021,  Saturday, 4 PM.


Prof. P Balaram, former Director, IISc Bangalore,

Prof. S C Lakhotia, INSA Senior Scientist, Banaras Hindu University,

Prof. Soumitro Banerjee, General Secretary, Breakthrough Science Society and Professor, IISER Kolkata.

The recent lawsuit filed in the Delhi High Court by the publishers Elsevier, Wiley, and American Chemical Society against Sci-hub and LibGen for copyright infringement has brought to the fore the debate between legality and ethicality of limiting access to knowledge. This discussion will address key concerns.

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Breakthrough Science Society8A Creek Lane,

The Breakthrough Science Society has initiated a statement by the members of the scientific community urging a continuation of the services provided by Sci-Hub and LibGen. If you agree, please sign the statement by clicking on the link given below. Please also forward it to your friends.

Breakthrough Science Society organised a webinar on ‘Nobel Prize in Physics 2020’ titled ‘On Blck Holes and Singularities’ on November 1, 2020. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Jasjeet Singh Bagla,  Dean – Academics and Professor of Physics,  Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali.

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Dear Friends,

Breakthrough Science Society West Bengal Chapter has organized more than 30 relief camps in association with local science units affiliated with BSS in different districts of West Bengal in the last few months.

We thank all of you for your generous support and help, without which it was impossible to do so. The volunteers and our friends have rendered all physical and mental assistance to make it a reality in the Covid-19 pandemic and post-AMPHAN devastation. To the remotest corner of Sundarbans, where the movement of people is a mere impossibility after AMPHAN, our volunteers reached there to help the needy people with our meagre relief materials of food and other daily needs. But the effort was no way little compared to the content we have delivered at the hour of necessity.

Our volunteers have worked day and night to give technical solutions to the poor villagers for portable drinking water after the source of all drinking water was disrupted due to super cyclone AMPHAN in Southern Bengal.

We are a science organization working for the cause of science, and society cannot but remain silent when people are at distress and crisis. We were never quiet and extended all sorts of help in the natural calamities – flood, earthquake, drought even beyond the borders to the neighbours.

We thank you for your generosity.

Warm Regards

Professor Amitabha Datta (President)        Dr. Radhakanta Koner (Secretary)

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Webinar on ‘Nobel Prize in Physics 2020’

Date and time: November 1, 2020, Sunday, 4 PM

Title: “Of Black Holes and singularities

Speaker: Prof. Jasjeet Singh Bagla

                Dean – Academics and Professor of Physics

                Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali

For free registration

For any clarification: 8547883586, 9430123131, 9840878234

Organised by 

Breakthrough Science Society.

Abstract: The Nobel Prize for Physics for the year 2020 has been
awarded for work related to black holes.  One half of the prize has
gone to Roger Penrose for   theoretical work that shows that formation
of black holes is possible, indeed it is inevitable in some situations.  The other half has been divided between Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez for discovery of a supermassive object at the centre of our Galaxy.  In this webinar, the development of ideas and observational evidence leading up to the award winning work will be discussed, covering the specific contributions of award winners and their teams..  

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The online edition of the Hindi Science Magazine *’VigyanChetna’* published by the All India Committee of *’Breakthrough Science Society’* was unveiled and inaugurated by Dr. Soma Marla (Principal Scientist, Bioinformatics, ICAR, NBPGR, New Delhi) on 15 September 2020. A discussion was also held on the *”Role of Science magazine in spreading scientific thoughts” in which Dr. K N Jha (Principal, Government Polytechnic College, Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh) and Mr. Debashish Roy (Vice President, All India Committee, Breakthrough Science Society) was present as a speaker. The program was conducted by Dr. Vinay Kumar (In-charge,   Breakthrough Science Society, Delhi chapter). The program was broadcast live on the *”VigyanChetna”* Facebook page.

The second edition of ‘A Brief History of Science’ was released online on Oct 6 by Prof S G Dani, Former President, National Board of Higher Mathematics. On the occasion, Prof Bikas Sinha, Former Director of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics spoke on the life and work of Meghnath Saha. Please CLICK HERE to watch.

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