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  • Sri. Arul Jerald Prakash
  • Prof. C.P.Aravindakshan
  • Dr.V.Venugopal
  • Dr. K.P.Sathish
  • Dr. Moncy V.John
  • Dr. Godfrey Louis
  • Prof. C.S.Menon

President : Dr. P.S. Babu
Vice President : Mr. Francis Kalathungal
Secretary : Prof.P.N.Thankachan
Treasurer : Mr.K.Sivankutti
Secretariat Members: Dr.P.P.Rajeevan, Mr.Benny Joseph, Prof.K.P.Saji, Dr.K.Hariprasad.

Executive Members:
Shaji Albert, P.S.Gopakumar (Trivandrum), Tennyson, P.P.Prasanth (Kollam), Vidya.R.Sekhar (Pathanamthitta), P.G.Sasikumar (Kottayam), P.P.Abraham, P.P.Sajeevkumar, K.S.Harikumar (Ernakulam), K.M.Beevi (Palakkad), Dr.E.Sreekumaran, Sheeba (Kozhikode), P.K.Prabhash (Malappuram)

Council Members:
Dr.Prasannakumar, JyothishBabu, Shyju, Sivaprasad.K, Sujith (Trivandrum), M.S.Madhu (Pathanamthitta), Venugopal.V, Thomas P.Daniel, Kunjumon K.T, Aparna.R (Alappuzha), K.Thankappan, A.G. Sumeshkumar, A.N.Sudheesh (Kottayam), K.L.Eappachan (Idukki), P.C.Thankachan, Lasitha, T.C.Kamala, Akhil Murali, Anilkumar.K.S, Dennis Joseph (Ernakulam), A.V.Benny, Dr.Mukundan (Thrissur), P.Manikandan, A.Hazeena, A.Sajeena (Palakkad), T.T.Vasudevan (Malappuram), M.A.Pushpa (Wynad), Paul T.Samuel, Vivek.P.C (Kannur), Anoop John (Kasaragod).

State Chapter News

Climate Change and its Impact on Coastal Areas: Webinar

World Environment Day Webinar: Climate Change and Environmental Crisis of Kuttanad

‘ചരിത്രം സയൻസിലൂടെ’ – GS Padmakumar Memorial Lecture by Dr. Rajan Gurukkal

Click on the link below to watch the proagramme in YouTube.

Ban on SCIHUB and LIBGEN will severely impede research activities in India – Prof. Soumitro Banerjee

Ban on SCIHUB and LIBGEN involved in free dissemination of scientific documents will severely impede all research activities in our country, said Dr Soumitro Banerjee, professor at IISER Kolkata and General Secretary of Breakthrough Science Society. He was addressing the webinar titled  “Make knowledge free for the development of science” organised by the Kerala chapter of Breakthrough Science Society (BSS) on March 17, 2021 as part of the observance of  the National Science Day.

Scientific knowledge is undoubtedly a social product, majorly facilitated by the utilisation of tax payers’ money. Since late 17th century, the task of dissemination of scientific documents has steadily been carried forward by research publications/periodicals published by science academies. During the infantile stages of organised scientific research, this mechanism played a significant positive role in the progress of science. But the changes in the socio-economic conditions of modern society have created a situation in which the market forces have taken control over the publication of scientific papers  and the original  creator of scientific knowledge is put at the mercy of the publisher. A few publishers have emerged as monopolies in this field and in the process it is these firms which  control the distribution of research publications in the world. These publishers make huge profit by selling the research papers at unaffordable prices, even though the research in the main is carried out using the government fund and the authors and reviewers of the paper are not paid for their work.  Only a united action of scientists, researchers and academics can free the scientific knowledge from the vice like grip of the profit motivated publishing industry. Dr. Soumitro Banerjee expressed confidence that the younger generation will rise up to the occasion to catalyse this change. 

Dr. P.S Babu, president, BSS Kerala chapter while participating in the discussion emphasized the need for developing an international movement to make knowledge free. The webinar was organised in the background of the ongoing litigation in the Delhi High Court pertaining to the prayer by the publishing firms for a ban on the operation of Sci-Hub and Libgen in India. Mr. George Joseph, secretariat member of BSS presided over the function.  Dr. Sreekumaran, executive committee member, BSS moderated the discussion.

Webinar: A brief history of exoplanets: from their discovery to present

We would like to invite you to attend the following webinar organised as a part of ‘World Space Week Webinar Series’.

Topic: A brief history of exoplanets: from their discovery to present
Speaker:Dr. Manoj PuravankaraFaculty member, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics,Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai 

Date and time: October 17, 2020, Saturday, 11 AM
For free registration please visit:

Organized by

Breakthrough Science Society, Trivandrum Chapter

Webinar on Exoplanets – BSS Trivandrum chapter

Webinar: ‘Viruses, Vaccines and the Race for a SARS-Cov-2 Vaccine’

Webinar: ‘Viruses, Vaccines and the Race for a SARS-Cov-2 Vaccine’

Speaker Dr. SubramaniM, former Professor, Vanderbilt University, USA

Date and time: July, 5, 2020, Sunday, 10 AM (IST)

We will be using ‘Zoom’ video conferencing software for this webinar. In addition there will be live-streaming of the webinar in the YouTube channel of Breakthrough Science Society.

To join the webinar in ‘Zoom’ click on the following link.
Meeting ID: 854 9158 1021
Password: 419784

If you are not able to join the webinar using the above link for any reason you can participate in the webinar live in our YouTube channel as given below.
The webinar will be streamed live on the YouTube channel: To participate, go to this channel and click on the video being streamed live (with the title: ‘Viruses, Vaccines and the Race for a SARS-Cov-2 vaccine’). You can write your question(s) on the YouTube chatbox. After the presentation, our moderator will pass these questions to the speaker for interaction.
We suggest you to subscribe to the above YouTube channel and press the notification bell. Then, you will immediately be notified once the webinar starts.

For more information: 8281185752, 9387224226, 8547883586,

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Breakthrough Science Society, Kerala chapter

Webinar: ‘Landslides in Kerala’ – Organised by BSS Kerala Chapter

Webinar: ‘A golden journey of light bending : From Eddington to the first image of a black hole’ – organised by BSS Kerala chapter


‘A golden journey of light bending : From Eddington to the first image of a black hole’

Prof. Ajit Kembhavi
Former Director, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, (IUCAA), Pune
Date and time: June 14, 2020, Sunday, 10.30 AM
For free registration:

For any clarification: 8547883586, 9349376236

Organised by
Breakthrough Science Society, Kerala chapter

‘Tropical Cyclone and Climate Change’ – World Environment Day webinar series – organised by BSS Trivandrum chapter

World Environment Day Webinar series:

Tropical Cyclone and Climate Change
Speaker: Dr. M. Govindan Kutty Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum.

Date and time: June 7, 2020, Sunday, 10.30 AM

Abstract: The severity of tropical cyclones has increased in recent decades. This has triggered speculation regarding its linkage to climate change. Do the global warming and climate change have any effect on tropical cyclones? The talk will address the science behind the genesis, growth, and dissipation of the giant whirlwind and its linkage to climate change. 

For free registration visit
The URL for attending this webinar will be emailed to the registrants. 

Organised by

Breakthrough Science Society, Trivandrum chapter