The lock-down due to corona-virus in India witnessed the plight of migrant workers in their desperate bid to reach home for their survival. They traveled hundreds of kilometers by foot, by cycle, over the loaded trucks. Thousands of labourers from southern states such as Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala traveled through Odisha on different national highways to west bengal, Jharkhand, Chatisgargh, Bihar and even to UP. Bigyana Chetana Mancha (BCM), Odisha, affiliated to the Breakthrough Science Society, started an online campaign to collect funds and within a few days the friends, relatives, well-wishers and people at large responded to the call and donated generously to the relief fund. The volunteers of BCM procured dry food items, made packings and distributed to the distressed labourers on the national highway. Teachers, students and youth from different localities joined in the relief work. People donated milk packets, biscuit packets for the young children. It is only due to whole hearted support of people at large, we continued this relief activity for 17 days and could provide food to thousands of labourers. 

Dr Radhakanta Koner, Secretary, Breakthrough Science Society, West Bengal Chapter sent a memorandum today to Director, Birla Industrial & Technological Meseum, in which the Breakthrough Science Society expressed concern over installation of “Ayurvedic Disinfectant Tunnel” at the premises of BITM. In the letter, Breakthrough Science Society asked for scientific evidence of the efficacy of 2:1:1 combination of thyme, camphor and menthol in protecting humans against the novel coronavirus.

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The Breakthrough Science Society Telangana State chapter Organised a Placard holding protest program at state office Hyderabad. BSS AP&TS incharge Prof.R,Gangadhar attended the function as the main speaker and Mr.Devarshi Gangaji, president Hyderabad committee presided over the function. Prof. R.Gangadhar in his speech said: “Presently the people all over the country are passing through a very critical situation due to lockdown and Covid-19 pandemic. During this lockdown period, the horrific incident happened at L.G. Polymers Ltd. at Vizag, Andhra Padesh, on 7th May 2020 morning, where the styrene gas leak caused death of 11 persons and thousands of people have been hospitalized falling seriously ill.This poisonous gas leakage incident in Vizag reminds us of the Bhopal gas tragedy where thousands of innocent people of neighboring localities and labourers of this industry died due to methyl isocyanide (MIC) gas leakage from Union Carbide factory in 1984. This Vizag incident again proves that the central and state governments of our country do not take any lesson from the gas leakage tragedy in Bhopal, the deadliest in industrial history. The Vizag gas leak incident is but a mini Bhopal gas tragedy and neither the neighboring inhabitants nor the respective government authorities were aware of the hazardous chemicals used in such factories and their impact on people if any accident occurs. Breakthrough Science Society demands that the harmful effects due to gas leak from L.G. Polymers Ltd. should be combated on a war footing and the government has to provide free and quality health care for the victims of the gas leakage tragedy. We also demand a high level scientific enquiry on causes of the styrene gas leak and to bring the guilty to the book. Lastly we draw attention to the fact that in recent years many investors (foreign as well as Indian) are establishing hazardous chemical industries in different places of India. Many of such chemical industries are already banned in developed countries due to their dangerously toxic waste materials which cause environment pollution and destroy biodiversity. These investors do not get permission from the government and designated authority to establish such chemical industry in developed countries like USA, Japan, Germany, England, etc., while in India the investors get quick clearance and license from our government to establish such hazardous chemical industries without proper verification. The effort to buid a chemical hub in Nandigram, West Bengal by Salem Group and Dow Chemicals was such an example. We demand the government that the  hazardous industries must be situated at a safe distance from habitation as per the Hazardous Chemical Amendment Rules, 1989, and the environmental norms prescribed by the state and central pollution control bureaus should to be strictly enforced.”

Breakthrough Science Society, Davangere chapter, Karnataka organised a webinar titled ‘Relevance of Louis Pasteur : Now and Then’ on the occasion of 125th death anniversary of Louis Pasteur on 07/05/2020. Ms. Rajani.K.S, secretary, BSS Karnataka state chapter was the main speaker.

March 1: BSS Muzaffarpur chapter in association with  Mother Teresa Vidyapeeth School organised  a seminar on “Science and scientific outlook”. Ms Neeta Kumari, the school co-ordinator presided. Dr Kanay Barik (BSS State Secretary, Jharkhand) was the main speaker. Mr Vijay Kumar (BSS) and Mr Satish Kumar (Director, Mother Teresa school) also spoke. After the seminar, in the evening a sky watch program was organized. BSS district convenor Ashutosh Kumar conducted the program.  

March 2: At Daudi International School, a seminar and sky watching program was organised.  Dr Irshaad Hussain , the school principal presided. Dr Kanay Barik (BSS State Secretary, Jharkhand) was the main speaker. Mr Vijay Kumar(BSS), Mr Bali Afrez (Vice principal) and Mr Amit Kumar (science teacher) addressed.

Breakthrough Science Society, Telangana chapter is organising a webinar titled ‘Decoding the Covid-19 Pandemic’ by Dr. Vikas Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, University College of Science, Saifabad, Osmania University, Hyderabad on June 1, 2020, Monday, 5.30 PM. The details are given in the flyer.