G.S Padmakumar memorial Lecture

June 11, 2022, Saturday, 3 PM.

Venue: Seminar hall, Kerala State Science and Technology, Museum, PMG Junction, Trivandrum

‘How India got peopled ?’ 

–      An interactive session with 
Tony Joseph

(Eminent writer and the author of the book ‘Early Indians: The Story of Our Ancestors and Where We Came From’)

Tony Joseph’s widely acclaimed book, Early Indians, the second edition of which was released in September 2021, tells the story of how four major waves of migrations shaped Indian demography – starting with the Out of Africa migrations that reached the subcontinent around 65,000 years ago. Recent advances in population genetics based on ancient DNA have a lot to do with the clarity we now have about the peopling of the world, including in south Asia. This greater clarity also helps us answer many critical questions of history that until recently had no clear and convincing answers, such as who were the Harappans, where they disappeared and why it took more than a thousand years after their civilization declined for cities to rise up in India again. And also, when the caste system began and why we have four very different language families…..

We cordially invite you to participate in this interactive session.

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The programme will be streamed live on the YouTube channel of Breakthrough Science Society.


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