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International Convention Against War and Destructive Use of Science: Scientists Against Israeli Apartheid, Occupation and Genocide in Gaza

More than 500 scientists from 40 countries, including physicists, mathematicians, biologists, chemists, medical doctors, engineers, and social scientists, working in academia and in industry, are compelled by the events in Gaza to call for an immediate permanent ceasefire and take a stand against war and the destructive use of science in an “International Convention Against War and Destructive Use of Science: Scientists Against Israeli Apartheid and Genocide in Gaza” on 9th December 2023.

Prof. Richard A Falk, Emeritus Professor of International Law at Princeton University and Former UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine, was the keynote speaker in the Convention. He spoke ‘On the situation in Gaza.’ The Convention was moderated by Dr. Manabendra Nath Bera, a quantum information scientist from India. Dr. Flavio del Santo, a scientist from Switzerland, Dr. Niatalya Dinat, a medical doctor from South Africa, Prof. Josh Dubnau, from Sony Brook University, USA, and Prof. Assaf Kfoury, Boston University, USA, discussed possible amendments proposed by participants on the draft of the Declaration by the scientists. In the end, the amended Declaration was adopted after voting, with an absolute majority (97%).

The adopted Declaration embodies scientists’ protest against the destructive use and militarisation of science, Israeli occupation, apartheid, and genocide in Gaza, and call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, academic and scientific boycott and to stand by the Palestinian professors, scientists, researchers, scholars, and students.

Watch the recording of the Convention on YouTube.


University World News (English), World Beyond War (English), Radio Islam (Podcast, English),  Italian Public Media service “RAI” (Italian), Italian national newspaper “La Stampa” (Italian), Liberainformazione (Italian), Pars Today (Iran, in Italian), Sangbad Pratidin (Bengali, India), Aajkaal (Bengali, India), ZNetwork (English)

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Scientists’ Declaration 
Against Genocide and in Support of Palestine 

Adopted at the 
International Convention Against War and Destructive Use of Science
held on 9 December, 2023 

We, the undersigned members of the international scientific community, strongly condemn the Israeli state’s continuing genocidal attacks on Palestinians, who are indigenous to Palestine. For generations, the Palestinians have been forced to live in subjugation and unequal treatment in an apartheid regime [123]. We recognize this gross human-rights violation as the root cause of the ongoing war on Gaza, which has already resulted in a horrendous number of casualties, among whom nearly half are children [4]. We mourn all violent deaths, and deplore atrocities against all non-combatants of any ethnicity and nationality, including the attacks on October 7 against Israeli non-combatants and foreign nationals. However, this violence occurred in the context of decades of Israel’s apartheid policies and its inhumane siege of Gaza. We condemn Israel’s actions that include the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas of Gaza, the cutting off of electricity, fuel, water, and medical supplies, the destruction of hospitals, schools, universities and refugee camps in Gaza, and both Israeli state and settler violence against Palestinians. These acts are war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and genocide as defined by the Genocide Convention and the International Criminal Court [567].

As scientists, we are deeply concerned about the increasing weaponization of science and technology, with a devastating effect on humanity. There is a relentless rise in the funding of scientific and technological research for militaristic ends. The military-industrial complex underpins the economies of many nations [8], driving a vicious cycle of increasing military budgets, profits of arms manufacturers, and arms trade, with little accountability or benefit to public society [910]. Global arms sales have driven the militarization of societies, the normalization of war, and the expansion of armed conflicts. Constant warfare is being waged in different parts of the globe, with the instigation of nations that enable these crimes against humanity, either due to their direct or indirect involvement, or from their marketing of sophisticated arms, ammunition, and other weapons of destruction. The genocide in Gaza risks an expansion of hostilities—between heavily armed actors—into a regional or world war. In this context of escalation of global warfare and increasingly brazen massacres, we strongly oppose the weaponization of scientific and technological research. We appeal to scientists of all countries to raise their voices against wars and the destruction of humanity. 

We call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza [11], for Palestinians to be treated with equal human rights as all people, and for international support for the rebuilding of Gaza. We call for academic and science related boycotts as well as other peaceful actions in line with calls from Palestinian scientists and anti-apartheid Israel organizations. These measures are needed to press for an end to the occupation and an end to apartheid. We affirm Palestinians’ right to resist oppression, their right to return to their homeland, and we call for a lasting political solution for both Israelis and Palestinians to live together peacefully side by side in dignity, with equal rights. Only then can lasting peace be achieved for Palestinians, Israelis, and all peoples living in the region and, by extension, the world at large. 

Finally, we commit to support our Palestinian colleagues and students, who remain steadfast in building scientific research and education in Palestine and abroad under incredibly hard conditions. We believe that science and scientists have a key role to play in delivering freedom for all, today and in a free Palestine of the future.

Download the Declaration.

Become a signatory of the Declaration (see above).

Endorsed by: 

Breakthrough Science Society (BSS), Organisation
Science for the People (SftP), Organisation
Scientists for Palestine (S4P), Organisation
Saving Humanity and Planet Earth (SHAPE), Organisation
Gift of the Givers, Foundation
Medical Service Center (MSC), Organisation
Center for Protection of Democratic Rights and Secularism (CPDRS), Organisation
All India Anti-Imperialist Forum (AIAIF), Organisation
World Beyond War, Organisation
Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa (PSNA), Organization
Transcend Media Services (TMS), Independent Media
Australian Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN), Organization

Offene Akademie, Organization
Grassroots International, Organization
British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP), Organization


Adam Claridge-Chang, Scientist 
Ahmed C Bawa, Professor
Assaf Kfoury, Professor
Carlo Rovelli, Professor
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Scientist
Cyril Closset, Professor
Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay, Retd. Professor,
Flavio Del Santo, Scientist
Jason E. Ybarra, Professor
Josh Dubnau, Professor
Manabendra Nath Bera, Scientist
Marco Baity Jesi, Scientist,
Natalya Dinat, Medical doctor
Soumitro Banerjee, Professor
Subramani Mani, Retd. Professor
Suchitra Sebastian, Professor
Vincenzo Riso, Professor

Farrah Yhee, Mathematician
Brian Nord, Scientist
Francesco Battaglia, Professor
Ahmed Diab, Assistant Professor 
Jeffrey Heinz, Professor of Linguistics, Stony Brook University
Bassem Hassan, Team Leader
Shantanav Chakraborty, Assistant Professor
Mainak Mondal, Dr.
Sadie Harrison, Doctor
Kaiden Walton, Student
Shalu Nigam, Independent Researcher 
Josh Dubnau, Professor, Neuroscientist
Tracy Bailey, Dr
Julia Brokaw, PhD Candidate
TeaganTran, Dr. 
Narmin Mekawy, PhD Student

Rabia Anjum
Lisa Taxier, PhD
Alex Ahmed, PhD
Lina Majed, Dr.
Lander Besabe 
Rishi Das Roy, Dr
Shiva, Agarwal, Scientist
Philip Argyres, Professor of Physics
Quraysha Ismail Sooliman, Dr
Alaa Alburai, PhD
Henk Smith
David Dubnau, Professor
Łukasz Krzywon, Graduate Student
Kunal Manna, Dr.
Valeria Montano, Senior Researcher in Genetics
Tuba Khan
Mira Shiva, Dr
Fatmah Mish Ebrahim, Dr
Malcolm Levitt, Professor
Saharsh Shanu, Student
Shivi, Saxena, PhD student
Aamir Asadi, Robotics Engineering Student
Vishal Anand, Academician
Kala G P  
Siddhant P, PhD Candidate
Ahmed Bawa, Professor
Joel Weisberg, Stark Prof. Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy, Carleton College, USA
Seyda Ipek, Assistant Professor
Pintu Debnath, Science activist
Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, Professor of Psychology, College of Staten Island & Graduate Center, CUNY
Liam Shaw, Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford
Jason Ybarra, Astronomer
Nasser Mohieddin Abukhdeir, Associate Professor
Swati Goswami, Writer
Paola Gori Giorgi, Professor
Vinay Kumar, Associate Professor 
Jamal Mimouni, Prof.
Assaf Kfoury, Mathematician and theoretical computer scientist
Casey Harwood, Assistant Professor
Venkatesan R, Dr.
Samsul Alam, Social Worker
Apurbalal Senapati, Academicain 
Chandan Santra, Social Worker
Tapan Si, Asst. Professor 
Maureen Milligan, Research Administrator, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, U.S.
Nasima Badsha
Deema Totah, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, USA
Giovanni Resta, PhD
Gopal B, Professor
Rudolf Schär, Dr.
Hesho Shaweis, PhD candidate
Sonia Javed, Researcher
Yunus Ballim, Emeritus Professor
Haynes Miller, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics

Alice Di Tucci, Dr.
Soumitro Banerjee, Professor
Sheida Amiri Rigi, Doctoral Student
Francesca Vidotto, Asso. Director of the Rotman Institute, Prof. of Physics and of Philosophy at Western University
Carlo Rovelli, Professor
Helen Didcott, Dr.
Alecia Samuels, Associate Professor
Thabrez Khan Kothacheruvu, Lecturer in English 
Dibyendu Maiti, Professor
Alaa Farghli
Ansuman Mitra, Medical Doctor
Emilio Pagani-Núñez, Dr.
Rachel Ryding, Dr.
Jayaprakash ND 
Subba Rao R V, Research Advisor
Harsha Kathard, Prof
Shakila Dada, Professor
Surajit Saha, M.Sc
Karen Haydock, Retired Professor
Mohamed Adel, Post-Doc
Josh Osowiecki, Community Health Specialist
Marion Cromb, Dr.

Ayman Al Haj Daoud, Executive Director – Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PalAST)

Muhammad Hamza Waseem, PhD student
Premchand Thilagar, Engineer
Suchitra Balachandran, Dr.
Prasad Venugopal, Professor of Physics
Vincent Bonin, Associate Professor
Hiba Kamel, PhD candidate (Cell Biology)
Lalitjan Rawal, Economics student 
Sk Md Masud, Teacher 
Amina Helmi, Professor
Nizar E
Dilip Satashiya, Science Activist
Anselmo Marques, Researcher
Aurnab Ghose, Dr. 
Dipak Giri, Dental surgeon on behalf of MSC
Sana Saboowala, PhD Candidate 
Karina Vega-Villa, Scientist
Vivian Cheng, PhD Student
Badr Albanna, Visiting Adjunct Professor
Jaxon Pope, Doctoral student
Sahara Vilchis, PhD student 
Gene Ramsbottom, Social scientist
William Spence, Professor of Theoretical Physics
Catharine E.Krebs, PhD
Riccardo Centazzo, Doctoral Student
Barbara Lawrence, Professor of Chemistry
Stefano Vianello, Postdoctoral researcher
Abbas Edalat, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Taryn Brechbill, Graduate Student
Giampiero Ruani, Dr.
Michael Gasser, Emeritus Associate Professor
Sizwe Mabizela, Academician
Azadeh Fattahi, Assistant Professor
Matteo Giordano, Dr.
Jonayed Hasan, Scientific Officer
Lalitjan Rawal, Economics student 
Ellen Isaacs, MD
Swagato Bhaskar, Senior Software Engineer 
Tomas Hessler, Dr. 
Sridhar Kunche, Retd. Professor, MJCET, Osmania University
Aritra Chatterjee
Vignesh Vaikundaraman, PhD Student
Marthe Wens, Dr.
Nandakumar V P
Charles Delman, Professor of Mathematics
Marco Baity Jesi, Research Scientist
Fabitha K, Dr.
Trisha Gollamudi, Student 
Tanmay Krishna S, Student
Rachel Rubin, MD, MPH
Colista West, PhD student
Cyril Closset, Associate Professor
Hiba Assi, Assistant Professor of Physics
Aashis Joshi, PhD candidate
Marwa Abdel Latif, Assistant Professor 
PanagiotaTheodoni, Dr.
David Van Leeuwen, Dr.
Dimitri Gospodinoff, Professor of Physics
Amro Alshareef, PhD Candidate
Aman Dafedar, Academiccian
Jim Bloyd, Adjunct Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Teague Tran, Biologist
Mara Harwood, PhD
Pooja Viswanathan, Neuroscientist
Miguel Arocena, Dr.
Soumendu Jana, Student
Akash K, Student 
Ashmita Disha Jana 
Susannah Adel, Scientist
Jeevika, Student 
Shana Liu, Medical Student
Annwoy Roy Choudhury, Student
Matthew Daunt, Graduate Research Associate
Jishnu Kesh, Student 
Stefano Osnaghi, Dr.
Lakshya Pal, Student
Yolande Jansen, Professor
Mai Awad, Dr. 
Hashem Almousa, Doctor 
Emma Chollet Ramampiandra, PhD Student
Manabendra Nath Bera, Professor of Physics
Yusra Obeidat, Associate Professor 
Cedar Schloo
Lucianne Walkowicz, Astronomer & Co-Founder, The JustSpace Alliance
Gwendolyn Pyeatt, Ph.D. Student, University of Cambridge
Christophe Leblanc, Engineering student

Vincenzo Riso, Associate Professor, University of Minho

Aravind Jayasankar, Dr.
Haleema Tariq, PhD
Ayesha Sengupta, Research Faculty
Flavio Del Santo, Dr.
Venanzio Cichella, Professor
Mihaela Gerova, PhD candidate 
Sanjana Satish
Suroor Seher
Paul Sanchez, Postdoctoral Researcher
Sarah M, Dr.
Ben Cox, PhD
Ra’ad D. Mahmoud, Dr.
Ruth Digby 
Irfan M M, Academician
Masoud Seifikar, Dr.
Jenna LeBlanc, Senior Engineer
Muhsina T M, Research student 
Maria Habib, Assistant Professor 
Swalih Valiyakath
Sajjad Bagdadi, Research Undergraduate 
Adam Claridge-Chang, Associate Professor
Hanisha Vadlakonda, Undergraduate student
Subramani Mani, Physician, Scientist, and Writer 
Kruthi Tambi, B.Tech CSE
K Venugopal Bhat, Retd Teacher
Lieve Moons, Professor
Ahir Ghosh, Student
Ziyad Thekkayil, Graduate Research Assistant
Marva Abdul Ravuf, Research Student
Animesh Pandit
Priyanjana Pramanik, Independent Researcher
Luna Zagorac, Scientist
Biplab Goswami, Teacher
Maumita Bandyopadhyay, Dr.
Tarik Aougab, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Shalu Nigam, Dr.
Natalie Trevino, Research Fellow
Aditi Singh, Student
Sam F, Research Professor
Subhabrata Chatterjee, Science Activist 
James Waters, Professor
Mohammad Lateef, Engineer 
Margaret F. Huff, Ph.D.
Sheida Amiri Rigi, Doctoral Student
Laura Schaeffer, Scientist
Calvin Wu, Secretary of Science for the People
Akanksha Prakash, Researcher
Madeleine Stokes, MSc candidate 
Kaustav Chatterjee, PhD 
Yogarajan Kandasamy, Retd. Senior Lecturer

Molapo Qhobela, Dr.
Ananda Chakrabarti, Professor
George Joseph, Science Activist
Jo Joseph, Dr.
Fiorella Caspoli, Medical Doctor
Alice Li, Scientist
Dibyasankar Das, Research scholar 
Emmanuel Farjoun, Professor of Mathematics
Uttam Surapati, Science Communicator 
Takumi Murayama, Assistant Professor
Siddhartha Das, Scientist and Public Health Activist
Abha Sur, Lecturer
Mainak Mondal, Dr.
Jack Rubien, Graduate worker
Nimrodh Anonymous, Dr.
Pranoo Deshraju, Assistant Professor 
MateoTaussig-Rubbo, Professor
Ivano Mocavini, Post-Doc
Dipak Giri, Dental surgeon on behalf of Medical Service Centre (MSC), India
Prashanthi N, Student 

Firdoos Ahmed, Professor
Sriparna Bandopadhyay, Assistant Professor
Nilesh Ranjan Maiti, Professor 
Mallik Dath Kumar, Professor of Physics 
Suju P K, Assistant Professor 
Subba Rao R V, Research Advisor 

Cinna Venkata Ramudu Ankalugaria, Academician
Ali Hamze, Dr.
Regina Birchem, Dr.
Dr. Pradip Kumar Datta, Retd. Professor
Karthikeyan Ramadoss, Professor 
Abdulrahman Abushaban
Robert Newman, Professor of Biology
Kriti Sharma, Assistant Professor of Critical Race Science and Technology Studies
Rupamanjari Biswas, Scientist

Saleem Badat, Professor 

Sibanisankar Mishra, Science Activist
Afif Aqrabawi, Neuroscientist
Helga Baumgarten, Professor Emeritus
Moncef Feki, Professor
Jerome Scherer, Professeur Titulaire
Sarah Blunt, CIERA Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University
Saif Ali, Assistant Professor 
Manu Akavoor, Researcher
John Marriott, Professor
Kunal Banerjee
Nora Heaphy, PhD Student
Isabel Yannatos, PhD
Najam Ul Hassan Shah, Professor
Jayasree Vilasini, Associate Professor (Rtd)
Dante O’Hara, Staff Engineer
Sanjay Das
Matteo Giordano, Scientist
Carlo Marconi, Scientist
Roshy R, Engineer
Aïda Amroussia, Material Scientist and engineer
Avijit Mondal
Rakesh Sarma, Scientist
Domenico Ribezzo, PhD Candidate
Wala Elsayed
Giulia Guarda, PhD candidate 
Gloria Novović, Postdoctoral fellow
Jonathan, PhD Candidate
Sarajit Sensarma, Professor

Safique Ul Alam, Development Professional
Saumya Chakrabarti, Professor of Economics
Mahuya Datta, Professor
Davide Bacco, Academician
Ann Freeman, Professor Emerita
Loïc Magrou, Post-Doc
M. Teresa Pitarch, Retired
June Hirsch, Adjunct professor 
Harsha Kathard, Professor
Mohammad Farhan, Dr.
Bibek Singha, Student
Umut Gursoy, Professor
Roberto Bondesan, Senior Lecturer 
Quraysha Ismail Sooliman, Dr.
Kait Malewicz, PhD Candidate
Robert Hillman, Associate Scientist
Amer Mohiuddin, Resident Physician
Anna Hayward, Associate Professor 
Mehedi Kalam, Professor
Faieza Sahid, Dr.
Mani A, Scientist
Jayaprakash N D
Jamal Mimouni, Professor
John Streicher, Professor
Ruth Shaw, Professor
Danielle E. D., Health Outcomes Scientist
Shafiur Rahman
Lynda Williams, Physicist
Connie Chow, Researcher and Associate Lecturer
Emilio Pagani-Núñez, Dr.
Aleksandra Karapetrova, Scientist
Dorotea Macrí, Graduate Researcher
Abdul Hannan, Student 

Sourav Debnath, PhD Scholar
Luciana Galliano, Professor
Arghya Das, Postdoctoral Scholar
Moshé Machover, Professor Emeritus
Mallory Thorp, Scientist
Alessandro Vessichelli, Developer
Amaya Weldon, Anthropologist
Curtis Bell, Retd. Neuroscientist
Josef Lutz, Prof. Dr. 
Karen Barad, Professor
Marilyn Frankenstein, Retd. Professor, University of Massachusetts, USA
Lionel Schwartz, Emeritus Professor
Yousuf Ramahi
Subhradip Ghosh, Professor
Sabyasachi Banerjee, Professional
Rajeev Gangwar, Academician 
Francis Kalathunkal, Retd. Professor
Su Su Wai, Director 
Halimul Islam Khan, Dr.
En Pei Chang M.
Muhammad Luqman, Engineer
Andre Keet, Professor
Pradip Das, Student
Saba Dave, Development Practitioner
Harjinder Singh, Professor
Shreeya Pal, Science Activist
Mahabala Yadur, Agriculture Scientist
Mohd Monish, Student
Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, Associate Professor of Psychology, CUNY, USA
Khouloud Mannai, Nephrologist
Leon Tikly, Professor in Education
Amar Jesani, Independent Consultant (Bioethics & Public Health)
Uma Ramachandran, Dr.
Yaasir Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Ansari, HOD

Thalia Arawi, Professor of Bioethics
Mohan Rao, Professor
Marthie Momberg, Dr.
Sunita Sheel, Dr.
Pranav A R
Enver Motala, 
Lorenza Foglia, PhD candidate
Mazin Qumsiyeh, Professor
Fouzia Munir, Dr.
Prabir K C, Medical Doctor
Lev Tsypin, Postdoctoral Scholar
Health Action International Asia Pacific, HAIAP Coordinator
Beverley Snell, Retd. Health Scientist, OAM
Michael Tan, Professor Emeritus
Christian Ausoni, Professor
Pandelis Perakakis, Associate professor
Sylvia Karpagam, Dr
Laura Silvestroni, Dr.
Mahdi Kourehpaz, Scientist
Anita Jonker, Scientist
Rox Middleton, Dr.
Priyanka Chatterjee, Student 
Ilhaam Ashraf, Primary Care and Public Health Practitioner 
Paola Manduca, Professor of Genetics
Charis Scientist, Post-Doc
Leonardo Miele, Scientist
Chrysanthi Pachoulide, PharmD
Valeria Montano, Senior Researcher in Genetics 
Abdul Kaliyar, Postdoctoral fellow
Rajib Sikdar, Research Associate 
Sumaiya Parveen, Dr.
Nacira Guenif, Professor University Paris 8, LEGS
Vinayak Nerlikar, Professor 

Eleftherios Tselentis, Scientist
Allan Zinn 
Bindu Desai, Retd. Neurologist
Hamed Mohammady, Dr.
Unni Eikeseth, Associate Professor
Emma Belcher, PhD candidate 
Reno Morar, Medical Doctor
Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay, Professor

Sandeep Patra, Assistant Professor
Duaa Jamshaid, Lecturer in Physics 
Leila Kajee, Professor 
Mayukh RoyChowdhury, Engineer
Inder Singh, Scientist
Mercy Mathews, Dr.
Abdullah, Managing Director
Hassina Mouri, Professor 
Niyada Kiatying-Angsulee, Dr.
Shabir Madhi, Professor
Subhamoy Sahoo, Dr.
Bassem Hassan, Professor

Necati Karakaya, Professor
Anish Chaluvadi

Isabella Turcinovic, Medical Student

Ben Bose, Dr.
Sheeba K, Associate Professor
Ravi Duggal, Professor
John Masson
Jayanta Bhar, Teacher
Callistine Lewis, Student of Conflict and Peace Studies
Thomas Lamarre, Professor
Bram Osterhout, Graduate Student
Maria Jose Recalde Vela, PhD candidate 
Naresh Dadhich, Academician
Priyo Shankar Pal, Research Fellow
Ivette Perfecto, Bunyan Bryant Collegiate Professor of Environmental Justice
Brian Cleary, Professor

Kali Kinkar Samanta, Engineer
Asta Daskhan, Retd. Teacher 
Rajendran C P, Adjunct Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies
Sainetra Sridhar, PhD Student
Taskeen Banu, Student 
Shreya, Ray
Leah Mickens, Dr.
Jagdish Patel
Nibedita P, Assistant Professor
Gautam Menon, Professor 
Apurbalal Senapati, Academician

Pradip Datta, Retd. Professor
Mian Chien Law, PhD candidate
Sucheta Bhattacharyya, Student
Claire Ramsay, PhD student
C. A.Denton, Postdoctoral Researcher
Gunaseelan V, Engineer
Gb Kim, Scientific Illustrator
Lorenza Viola, Professor
Chellappa Nagamani, Engineer
Ehab Abouheif, Professor
Samim Akhtar, Dr
Rohini Patel, Postdoctoral Fellow
Kapil Raj, Professor
Joseph Guidry, Scientist
Madina Magomedova, Teacher
K. Kayathri Kanagavel, Professor
Trina Chakraborty, Assistant Professor
Eugenie Dubnau, Assistant Professor
Eden McQueen, Scientist
Tommaso Neri, Student

Nicolas Magnard, Dr.
Sophie Wang, Educator and Organizer
Adha Puri
Ayan Banerjee, Professor
Peter Gacs, Professor Emeritus
Ashwin Kumar M, Research Scholar
Anwar Suleman Mall, Professor
Pablo Ranea-Robles, Postdoc
Venkatesan R, Dr. 
Judhisthir Neogi
Alan Meyers, Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics
Anissa Pelouto, Medical doctor
Noor Al-Sharif, Postdoc
David Costalago Meruelo, Scientist
Daniel Giles, Postdoctoral Researcher
Subhadip Ghosh, Dr.
Eleni Spanolios, Graduate Student
Andrea Balduzzi, Researcher in Zoology (retired)
Victoria Brown, PhD Student 
Francesco Puzzo, Postdoctoral researcher
Sushanta Mondal, Assitant Professor
Varun Narasimhachar, Scientist
David Davalos, PhD
Javier Buitrago, PhD
Elnora Kelly, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
Tanmay Karan
Rupayan Saha, Senior Research Fellow 
Liaquat Ali, Professor
Ajoy Ray, Professor 
Basudeb Dhara, Associate Professor
Akil Murali, Research Scholar
Asish Samanta
Kaumudi Goswami, Scientist
Debashish Goswami, Professor 
Susmita Kundu, PhD scholar
Vinay Kumar, Associate Professor 
Lois Dippenaar, Institutional Planner
Mitali Damle, Dr.
Subhadip Mitra, Associate Professor
Asoke Chattopadhyay, Professor
Shreya, Student 
Mubashira K P, PhD scholar 
Sonia Javed, Scientist
Yogesh Soni, Teacher
Giuseppe Congiu

Sekar Govindasamy, Engineer
Sebastian Horvat, PhD
Monali Roy, Student 
Luis C.Barbado, Dr.
Carlos Miguel, Researcher
Premesh Lalu, Professor
Maria D. Perles-Garcia, Dr
Douwevan Schie, PhD Candidate
Zainab Khalid, Researcher
Azeez Azeez, Academician
Mini Vasudevan, Dr.
Samuel Aldana Delgado, Scientist 
Ryan Molloy, Dr.
Basabendu Barman, Dr.
Salvador Espada-Hinojosa, MSc
Andrea Oldofredi, Philosopher
Fathima P Anwar, Student
Ciaran Sugrue, Emeritus Professor
Sayyida Fathima Nediyaparambil, Student 
Adila N U, Nurse
Niida R, Student
Farhana Yasmin, PhD scholar 
Akshay C, Student 
Purandhar Reddy Bommana, Scholar

Michael Harris, Professor of Mathematics
Daniel Pérez Marín, Product Engineering Team Lead
Samer Al-Kiswany, Associate Professor
Maria Silva, Professor
Anandhu Santhosh, Student 
John Makhoul, Scientist
Soumik Mukhopadhyay, Professor
Kaushik Bhattacharya, Theoretical Physicist 
Carola Sanpera Trigueros, Professor
Dolors Vinyoles,  Professor
Sarah Bowen, MSc. 
Adrià Casinos, Professor Emeritus
Delfí Sanuy, Professor
Ingrid Schudel, Dr.
Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Professor
Ellen Cantarow, PhD
Daniel Martínez Tibaduiza, Researcher
Prat Narcís, Emeritus Professor of Ecology, Universitat de Barcelona
Rachel Vitali, Professor 
Domingo Rodriguez, Professor
Juan Dueñas, PhD in Physics
Núria Cid, Researcher in Freshwater Ecology
Omera Matoo, Assistant Professor
Xavier Benito Granell, Scientist
Aman Khan, Student 
Ahmed Mohammad, PhD Student
Nicolas Gisin, Professor
Blanca Rios-Touma, Dr.
Mohammad Alizadeh, Director
Juan Ernesto Guevara-Andino, Assistant Professor
Ibon Tobes, Professor
Joydeep Gupta, Associate Partner in IBM
Jennifer R, Biologist
Sanghyuk Shin, Associate Professor at UC Irvine
Dylan Mcgarry, Dr.
Àngels Tudó, Phd
Carles Casacuberta, Professor
Zenda Woodman, Associate professor 
Anurag S
Camille Minaudo, Researcher
Annagrazia Puglisi, Research Fellow
Jessica Santiago, Reseach Fellow
Sandhya Srinivasan
Tapan Chakraborty, Scientist
Sandipan Ganguly
Ankita Das, Dr.
Francesca Angiolani-Larrea, PhD Candidate
Jaime Culebras, MSc.
Ravi Kunjwal, Dr
José Tinajero, Scientist
Veronica Andrade, Molecular Biologist
Alberto Rolandi, Msc

Ganesan Muthu Pandy, Engineer
Palash Baran Pal, Retd. Scientist
Rana, Student
John Minto
Constancia Dinky Romilly, APRN, MS
Rudolf Knutti, Dr.
Alaa Alburai, PhD student
Shababil Rahman, Full Stack Developer 
Sourav RanjanGhosh, Scholar
Abdellah Hammoudi, Professor
Anisha Haris, Scientist 
Isabella Seppi, Student
Jason Alexander, M.Sc
Jessica Sushinsky
Peter Wills, Dr.
Rahul Yadav Ankalugari, Research scholar 
Heidi Grunebaum, Professor
Dafni Anastasiadi, Scientist
Adrika, Student
Gomathy G, Academician
Biswaroop Chatterjee, Professor 
NoshinTarannum, PhD Student
Samyobrata Mukherjee, Postdoctoral Researcher
Shobhit Singh, Student 
Amitabha Basu, Retd. Scientist, CSIR-NPL, New Delhi

Manab Kumar
Chinmay Mandal, Teacher
Krishnaswamy Sankaran, Retd. Professor 
Haroon Rafique, Dr.
Saif Zabarah, Methodologist
Zareena Dudekula, Assistant professor
Debasish Roy, Engineer 

S Chandran, Dr
Amitava Nandi, Professional 
Prashant Kumar
Siddhartha Sen, Retd. Professor 
Sourav Sadhukhan, Teacher
Thangasamy Sangarappan, Professor
Krishanu Bhattacharjee
Aysha Motala, PhD
Cedric Prakash, Dr.
Scott Stocker, B.A.

Manab Maity, Teacher
Ariana Waters, Student
M. Tamer Ozsu, Professor
Pablo Carlos López, PhD
Luca Tagliacozzo, Theoretical Physicist
Mayada Elsabbagh, Associate Professor, McGill University
Chanchal Ghosh, Science Activist 
Shashidhar M, Social Activist

Jitesh Mori, Dr.
Saba Quraishi, Student 
Nozomi Takahashi, Scientist
Anil Kumar Tyagi, Social Activist 
P Goel, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Khurram Janjua, Medical Doctor
Graham Hedwards, Scientist
Mehmood Irfan
Usama, Physicist

Chandrima Maitra, PhD Student
Bianca Lepe, Scientist
Joshua Steighner, PhD Student
Mike Evitts, Health Psychologist
Aaron Fleischer, Graduate Student
Emma Alexander, Dr
Ferah Munshi, Professor
Jasmine Singh, Student
Melinda Cordasco, Environmental Analyst
Rebecca Annells, Dr.
Mohamed Khawlie, Vice President, Green Party
Christopher Blackstone, Scientist
Debashis Barik, PhD Student
Harun Siljak, Dr
Jessica Syafaq Muthmaina
Noah Hussein
Adrian Lucy, PhD
Erin Sipple, MSTP Student
Lídia LopesIng
Aedan Gardill, Physicist
Brittney Hauke
Roschen Sasikumar, Dr,
Trisha Gollamudi, Student
Ray Singh, Student
Tamjid Chowdhury, Assistant Scientist
Nishant Subramani, PhD Student
Mustafa Baniodeh, Dr.
Deepak Kapur, Distinguished Professor
William Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Sociology
Sheila Slater
Eoin O’Connor, Dr.
Jaime Culebras, MSc.
Robert Hillman, Associate Scientist
David Schwartzman, Professor Emeritus
Chantal Dothey, Retired Pediatrician
Tina Dobsevage, Clinical Assistant Professor
Daisy Goodman, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Alice Rothchild, Retd. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harvard Medical School
Anamika Moktan, Assistant Professor
James H Williams, Social scientist
Raj Gandhi, Retd. Professor
Monica Samelson, Psychiatrist
Marc Sapir, MD, MPH
Roli Varma, Professor
Shiva Shankar, Professor
James Deutsch, Assistant Professor
Alok Laddha, Faculty
S Subramanian
Vijay Ravikumar, Assistant Professor
Veena Shatrugna, Dr.
Arul Shankar, Associate Professor
Ram Puniyani, Writer
Jerome Hoffman, Emeritus Professor of Medicine
Jean Dreze, Economist
Anthony Somkin, Dr.
Rukmini Rao, Social Scientist
Animesh Pandit
Maya Malik, Social Worker
Anup Mondal
Samsul Alam
Anil Sadgopal, Retd. Professor
Ramesh Bharuthram, Professor
Tarun Kumar Debnath
Dan Stinebring, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Astronomy
María García-Altares, Researcher
Azad Mashari, Assistant Professor
Daryl Denning
Anna Niemiec, Dr.
Kristen Abrahams, Dr.
Eva Harris, Professor
Catherine Badgley, Professor, and Farmer
Cassandra Fox, Nurse Practitioner
Mei-ling Wiedmeyer, Clinical Assistant Professor
Victoria Araj, Lecturer in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Howard Waitzkin, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Rita McCracken, Assistant Professor
Tyler Hill, Scientist

Subrata Barman, Senior Scientist
Mershen Pillay, D.Ed
Arun Gupta, Pediatrician

Yuri Cartier, MPH Scientist
Dr. Oscar Fabian Soto, Chancellor’s Post Doctoral Fellow at University of California, Irvine
Somnath De, Dr.
Ananth Shankar, Assistant Professor
Ariana Thompson-Lastad, Assistant professor
Anisha Zamir, Student
Susan Michie, Professor
Dina Hamideh, PhD
Saba Rahman, Resident Physician
Ghassan Hussein, Healthcare Worker
Nabeel Khudairi, Doctor of Optometry
Sahana Malik, MD
Marta Marques, Professor
Kevalyn Maw, Public Health Scientist
Mathew Hannouche, MD, Assistant Professor
Samantha Bosco, PhD
Anna Roth Trowbridge, Nurse and Researcher
Veronica and Michael Urban, Emeritus Professor
Angel de Luna Escobedo, MSW, ASW
Emma Quigan, Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Dina Eissa, Graduate student
Gad El Karim, Sr. Research Specialist
Alyssa Smith, PhD Student
Mirjana Povic, Professor
Claude Carignan, Emeritus Professor
Encieh Erfani, Researcher at Mainz University
Luis Goicoechea, Professor
Aida Behmard, Scientist
Ahmad Chaalan, Dr
Bob Mason, Retd. Clinical Social Worker
Yosry Azzam, Professor
Fouad Khairallah, Associate Professor
Manar A, Professor
Peter Sporn, Professor of Medicine and Cell and Developmental Biology

Ati Haddou Marwan, Teacher
Nancy Phan, Student
Mohammad Damanhoury, ER RN
Shaniza Masued, Nurse
Amber Tran, Research Analyst
Andrew Dakers, Retd. Professional Engineer
Madeline Pye, Entomologist
Ila Varma, Assistant Professor
Hassane Darhmaoui, Professor
Jasmine Khalil
Roger Hajjar, Astronomer
Usman Isa, Scientist
Sthabile Kolwa, Dr.
Jack Armstrong, Medical Student
Roshan Galvaan, Professor
Zeina Elkarsh
Anthony Johnson, Retd. Medical Physicist
Baher Abdulhai, Professor
Omar Ramahi, Professor
Ahmed A, Scientist
Valerie Dube, MD, FRCPC
Jesse Zaneveld, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Noor Naji, PhD Student
Nazimuddin Siddique, Dr.
Louay Safi, Professor
Junaid Qadir, Professor
Sari Hanafi, Professor
Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco, Emeritus Professor at NOVA University of Lisbon
Helga Baumgarten, Emeritus Professor
Ibrahim Bechrouri, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Vivek Manoharan, Dr.
Salah Issa, Assistant Professor
Wael Hallaq, Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University
Isabel Hagen, PhD Student

Chad Haines, Professor
Amina Jamal, Professor of Sociology
Jalal Kawash, Professor
Christo El Morr, Professor 
Tegan Turner
Chloe A, Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Husein, Professor
Karen Cloete, Senior scientist 
Shreyan Ganguly, PhD student

Immaculate Nantaba
Foaad Khosmood, Professor
Morgan Kim
Joel Wainwright, Professor
Michael Jayaseelan, Associate Director of Science and Technology Innovations Policy Centre
Pierre Chanut, Dr. 
Madalena Lemos, Assistant Professor
Ali Javadian, Scientist
Somaya Saad, Professor
Isak Delberth David
Shirin Saeidi, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas 
John Drury, Professor of Social Psychology
Stuart Newman, Professor
Ruby Gualter
Eman Eldeeb, Research Assistant
Alistair McKee, Retd. Earth and Social Scientist 
Nidal Jboor, MD 
Adan, Student
Vikram R, Lecturer
Masfida Akhter, Associate Professor
Hiromi Beran, Student
Cristiana Fiscone, Physicist
Greta Venturi, Physicist
Francisco Vidal Castro, Professor
Ashraf Tubeileh, Associate Professor
Ahmed Deif, Associate Professor 
Kelly Campbell
Olivia Leland, Graduate Student
Lina Kattan, Professor 
Roger Hajjar, Astronomer
Mohamed Darwish, Dr.
Raid M Suleiman, Astrophysicist, PhD
Salem Abu Musleh, PhD in Physics
Mar’e Sous, G.D of Innovation
Hanan Hanan, Director of Health Education and Services 
Zouhair Benkhaldoun, Professor 
Alshaimaa Saad Hassanin, Dr. 
Jeremy Attard, PhD
Mohamed Lazrek, Professor
Youssef El Azhari, Professor
Jabiri Abdelhadi, Professor
Mohamed Chabab, Professor
Najib Ouarzazi, Professor
Moza Al Rabban, Dr.
Fayssal Benkhaldoun, Professor
Adeb Almaamari
Ahmed Abdalla, Professor
Kenneth Stokes, President of World Sustainability Forum
Slimane Abdennour, Scientist and Teacher 
Youssef Ben Othman, Professor
Leena Ibrahim, Assistant Professor
Adeem Suhail, Dr. 
Aimee Sorrell
Shreyas Tiruvaskar, PhD Researcher
Wendell Scanterbury, Assistant Professor
Sadhna Rao, Dr.
Emin Poljarevic, Researcher
Susan Abrahamson, PhD
Richard McCubbin, Dr. 
Mourad M Gachoui, PhD Student
Nathan Day, Dr. 
David Mond, Emeritus Professor
Katia De Lu, Senior Tutor

We shall keep updating the list of signatories periodically. We could not include the names of many colleagues who do not wish to publish their names.

Become a signatory of the Declaration (see above).

International Organizing Committee

Marco Baity Jesi, Switzerland
Soumitro Banerjee, India
Ahmed C Bawa, South Africa
Adam Claridge-Chang, Singapore
Cyril Closset, UK
Flavio Del Santo, Switzerland
Natalya Dinat, South Africa
Josh Dubnau, USA
Assaf Kfoury, USA
Subramani Mani, USA
Clement Mouhot, UK
Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay, India
Manabendra Nath Bera, India
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, USA
Vincenzo Riso, Portugal
Carlo Rovelli, France
Anna Sanpera, Spain
Suchitra Sebastian, UK
Jason E. Ybarra, USA