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Appeal to stop war and allow free entry of food, water, electricity, relief materials, and medical aid for the people of Gaza

We, the scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and scholars worldwide, express our deep anguish at the colossal devastation and loss of life in Gaza. At critical junctures of history, like wars, etc., when science is misused and abused, scientists have not hesitated to come forward to protest and mobilize public opinion against wars and the devastation of people’s lives. In a similar situation, we cannot be just bystanders to the massive human calamity that is currently brought down in Gaza with brute force.

While we roundly condemn the attack on the Israeli civilians and the capturing of civilian hostages by HAMAS, what Israel is doing in reprisal amounts to collective punishment and indiscriminate killing of the peaceful non-combatant residents of Gaza, among which nearly one-third are children. From October 7 to the 26th of October, 2023, Israeli air strikes killed over 6,500 people in Gaza, and almost 60% of them were women and children, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza. Israeli air strikes have turned large swaths of land into rubble; even hospitals are not spared. Israel is openly calling for the displacement of millions of people without a safe haven. It has cut off electricity, fuel, water, and medical supplies to Gaza, violating all International Humanitarian Laws.

We urge the United Nations to take a strong and principled stand and take steps for an immediate ceasefire and allow free entry of relief materials and medical aid for the succour of the besieged and battered people of Gaza.

We appeal to all well-meaning, concerned people the world over to raise their voices of protest, to stand by the people of Gaza, and to raise their collective voice to compel the powers to ensure a lasting political solution to the problem and thus assure that the Israeli and Palestinian people can exist and co-exist in peace and harmony.

Notable signatories:
Prof. Dhrubajyti Mukhopadhyay, Scientist, Calcutta University and President of Breakthrough Science Society, India
Prof. Soumitro Banerjee, Scientist, IISER Kolkata and General Secretary of Breakthrough Science Society, India
Prof. Cyril Closset, Scientist, University of Birmingham, UK
Prof. Sarah Tuttle, Astronomer, Seattle, WA, USA
Prof. Nicolas Gisin, Scientist, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Lucianne Walkowicz, Astronomer, Chicago IL, USA
Prof. Carlo Rovelli, Scientist, Aix-Marseille University, France
Prof. Assaf Kfoury, Mathematician, Boston University, Massachusetts, USA
Prof. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Scientist, New Hampshire, USA
Prof. Ashoke Sen, Scientist, ICTS-TIFR Bengaluru, India
Prof. Alfonso Caramazza, Scientist, Harvard University, USA
Prof. Suchitra Sebastian, Scientist, Cambridge, UK
Prof. Brian Shuve, Scientist, Pomona, California, USA
Prof. Mark M. Wilde, Scientist, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
Prof. Debashis Mukherjee, Scientist, TCG CREST Kolkata, India
Prof. Palash Baran Pal, Scientist, University of Calcutta, India
Pamela Philipose, Journalist, TheWire.in, India
Florence Galland, Educationist, HETS-FR, Fribourg, Switzerland
Prof Santosh Mehrotra, Economist, University of Bath, UK
Prof. Brian Nord, Scientist, Chicago, USA
Dr. Nicetu Tibau Vidal, Scientist, University of Oxford, UK
Prof. Pabitra Banik, Scientist, ISI Kolkata, India
Prof. Meilin Liu, Scientist, Georgia Tech, USA
Mohammad Naddaf, Engineer, Jordan
Prof Santosh Mehrotra, Economist, University of Bath, UK
Corazon Valdez Fabros, Lawyer, International Peace Bureau, Manila, Philippines
Dr. Subramani Mani, Physician and Scientist, Nashville, TN, USA
Prof. Josh Dubnau, Scientist, Stony Brook University, New York, USA
Francine Mestrum, Scholar, Global Social Justice, Brussels, Belgium
Prof. Eduardo C Tadem, Scientist, University of the Philippines, Philippines
Prof. Kapil Raj, Historian of Science, EHESS, Paris, France
Dr. Alicia, Scientist, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
Prof. Geraldine Haack, Scientist, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Suvrat Raju, Scientist, ICTS-TIFR Bengaluru, India
Prof. Jeffrey Bowers, Scientist, University of Bristol, UK
Prof. Pradipta Bandyopadhyay, Mathemetician, ISI Kolkata, India
Prof. Nagarjuna, IISER Pune, India
Dr. Daniel Giles, Scientist, The SETI Institute, USA
Prof. Louie John Vallejo, Mathematician, University of the Philippines, Philippines
Dr. Manik Banik, Scientist, SNBNCBS Kolkata, India
Prof. Abhishek Dhar, Scientist, ICTS-TIFR Bengaluru, India
Prof. Gautam Menon, Scientist, Ashoka University, India
Prof. Mayank Mehta, Scientist, UCLA, USA
Prof. Anindita Bhadra, Scientist, IISER Kolkata, India
Tulsi Dass Maharjan, Journalist, Mulyankan Monthly, Nepal
Yug Pathak, Writer, Nepal
Fasna Shumsudheen, Medical Science, Oman
Dr. Abhishodh Prakash, Scientist, University of Oxford, UK
M G Devasahayam, Administrator, India
Prof. Amitava Datta, Scientist, Jadavpur University, India
Prof. Lorenza Viola, Scientist, Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA
Satheesh, Engineer,  CA, USA
Prof. Michael Hall, Scientist, Australian National University, Australia
Prof. Kaaren Mathias, Public Health Physician, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Dr. Flavio Del Santo, Scientist, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. Olival Freire Junior, Scientist, Universidade Federal da Bahia Salvador, Brazil
Prof. Leonardo Miele, Scientist, CNRS, Montpellier, France
Prof. Jan Głowacki, Scientist, ICTQT and University of Oxford, Gdansk, Poland
Prof. Jacopo Lupi, Scientist, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Prof. Rob Thew, Scientist, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. Benjamin Bose, Scientist, University of Edinburgh, UK
Prof. Caslav Brukner, Scientist, University of Vienna, Austria
Prof. Wolfgang Tittel, Scientist, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. Martí Perarnau Llobet, Scientist, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Jeremy Attard, Scholar in Philosophy of Science, University of Mons, Belgium
Sebastian Horvat, Scientist, University of Vienna, Austria
Dr. Anna Niemiec, Scientist, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
Prof. Leah Mickens, Scholar, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Prof. Nicole Gottdenker, Scientist, University of Georgia, USA
Dr. David Costalago, Scientist, NGO, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Luis C. Barbado, Scientist, IQOQI Vienna, Austria
Prof. Sigrid Schmalzer, Historian of Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
Dr. Rasigan Maharajh, Scholar, Tshwane University of Technology and Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, South Africa
Dr Emilio Pagani-Núñez, Scientist, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, UK
Dr. Calvin Wu, Scientist, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, USA
Dr. Natalya Dinat, Medical Specialist, DUT, Johannesburg, South Africa
Dr. Vinton Thompson, Scientist, Scholar, American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA
Prof. Brian Cleary, Scientist, Boston University, Boston, USA
Matteo Farinella, Science Multimedia Producer, Columbia University, New York, USA
Simon Timmins, Scientist, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Miguel Gallego, Scientist, University of Vienna, Austria
Prof. Philip Gasper, Philosopher, Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, USA
Dr. Adrian Carmona, Scientist, University of Granada, Spain
Dr. Tude Bennett, Public Health Expert, UNC Chapel Hill, USA
Prof. Alan Meyers, Pediatrician, Boston University, USA
Dr. Benjamin Concepcion, Scientist, UC Berkeley, USA
Eduardo Amancio Barbosa Oliveira, Scientist, Institute for Theoretical Physics/Sao Paulo State University (IFT/UNESP), Brazil
Dr. Marco Baity Jesi, Scientist, Eawag Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Bella Seppi, Scientist, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
Dr. Christy Dolph, Scientist, University of Minnesota, USA
Dr. Caitlyn Oliver Brown, Scientist, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
Dr. Silvia F. de M. Figueirôa, Historian of Science, UNICAMP Campinas, Brazil
Dr. Jared Willard, Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Prof. Ivette Perfecto, Scientists, University of Michigan, USA
Dr. Isabel Yannatos, Scientist, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Kunal Palawat, Scientist, University of Arizona, USA
Dr. Abby Stitgen, Scientist, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, USA
Dr. Rhea Caldwell, Scholar,  University of Minnesota Minneapolis, USA
Dr. Laura Weingartner, Scientist, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA
Dr. John Masson, Biodiversity specialist and Former CEO of the Local Biodiversity Council Condat-sur-Ganaveix, France
Dr. Jessica James Hale, Mathematics Educator and Scholar, Math Minus Misogyny Atlanta, USA
Prof. Karol Zyczkowski, Scientist, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
Dr. Jessica Santiago, Scientist, National University of Taiwan, Taiwan
Prof. Shannon Murray, Scientist, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
Prof. Mashupye Maserumule, Tshwane University, South Africa
Vignesh Vaikundaraman, Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen, Germany
Dr. Ahmed C Bawa, Scientist, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Dr. Ashutosh Rai, Scientist, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Connie Chow, Science Educator, University of Kansas, USA
Dr. Jenan Kharbush, Scientist, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA
Prof. Robert Newman, Scientist, University of North Dakota, USA
Dr. Jo Ellen McBride, Scientist, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Prof. Dr. Sharad Onta, Public Health, Nepal Public Health Foundation, Nepal
Prof. Archana Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India
Prof. Jaya Josie, Scientist, Zhejiang University and University of Venda, Cape Town, South Africa
Dr. Jason E. Ybarra, Scientist and Director of the WVU Planetarium, West Virginia University, USA
DR. Linda Bergauer, Scientist, University of Bern, Switzerland
Dr. Joydip Bhattacharjee, Physician, Health Service Forum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mumthaz, Educationist, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa
Dr. Jerry Rivers, Environmental Scientist, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment (NACCE), New York, USA
Diana Galván Escobar, Scientist, UNAM Mexico, Mexico
Martha Lucia Granados-Riveros, Scholar, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
Dr. Priyanka Saha, Scientist, Uppsala University, Sweden
Prof. Parameswaran Ajith, Scientist,  ICTS-TIFR Bangalore, India
Dr. Tyakal Venkataramana, Mathematician, ICTS-TIFR Bangalore, India
DR. Akshit Goyal, Scientist, ICTS-TIFR Bangalore, India
Md Arif Shaikh, Scientist, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
Dr. Anirban Mukherjee, Scientist, Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan
Dr. Pronobesh Maity, Scientist, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr. Antony Joseph, Scientist, CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India
Dr. Pritha Dolai, Scientist, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany
Madina, Academician, Kizilurt, Russia
Prof. Sibasish Ghosh, Scientist, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai, India
Dr. Srashti Goyal, Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Potsdam, Germany
Tommaso Neri, Scholar, University of Florence, Italy
Dr. Climério Paulo da Silva Neto, Scholar,  Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
Dr. Mitali Damle, Scientist, New York University Abu Dhabi,  UAE
Dr. Rishi Das Roy, Scientist, University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof. Anna Sanpera, Scientist, Universitat Autònoma Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Miguel Arocena, Scientist, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay
Prof. Ivette Perfecto, Scientist, University of Michigan, USA
Dr. Mayu Inaba, Scientist, UConn, Connecticut, USA
Dr. Bassem Hassan, Scientist, Paris Brain Institute, France
Dr. Pooja Viswanathan, Scientist, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
Dr. Louis-Eric Trudeau, Scientist, University of Montreal, Canada
Dr. Adam Claridge-Chang, Scientist, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
Dr. Subbulakshmi S, Scientist, Stanford, USA
Sardar Hamid Ahmed, Engineer, IDS North America, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Joshua Morris, Scientist, University of Vienna, Austria
Dr. Lakshmi Suresh, Scientist, Miltenyi Biotec, Bergisch, Germany
Dr. Francesca Nerattini, Scientist, Italy
Dr. Sriranjani Manivasagam, Scientist, Institute of Psychology, University of Göttingen, Germany
Dr. Akul, Scientist, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Dr. Coleen Murphy, Scientist, Princeton University, USA
Dr. Rathin Basu, Economist, Ferrum College Virginia, USA
Cherif Omar, Scholar, LORIA, Nancy, France
Soklong HIMNLP, Scholar, Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology, Cambodia
Dr. Alfredo Caggianelli, Scientist, Università di Bari, Italy
Dimitra, Scholar, Paris University, France
Dr. Maria Grazia Giansanti, Scientist, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Roma, Italy
Simona, Scholar, National Research Council, Italy
Massimiliano VARDE, Scholar, CNR Venezia, Italy
Dr. Dino Pedreschi, Scientist, University of Pisa, Italy
Dr. Fosca Giannotti, Scientist, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
Antonella Palena, Engineer, National Research Council, Rome, Italy
Dr. Alberto Clarizia, Scientist, University of Napoli, Italy
Dr. Muhammad Hamza Waseem, Scientist, University of Oxford, UK
Dr. Vetonica Morea, Scientist, National Research Council, Rome, Italy
Dr. Silvia Kirsten Nicolis, Scientist, University of Milano, Italy
Prof. Vincenzo Riso, Scholar, University of Minho, Portugal
Dr. Teresa Colombo, Scientist, National Research Council, Rome, Italy
Dr. Gianfilippo De Astis, Scientist,Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome, Italy
Roberto Corsini, Scientist, CERN – European Laboratory for Particle Physics, Geneva, Switzerland

Full list of signatories:

  1. Dilip Satashiya 
  2. Bhavik Raja 
  3. Tapan Dasgupta 
  4. Francis Kalathunkal
  5. Rahul Jha 
  6. Yashpal 
  7. Nand Modi
  8. Krishna kalathiya 
  9. Ajaz 
  10. Arjun odedra
  11. Inderjeet Singh Grover 
  12. Renu Rajput 
  13. Raghunath Bagul
  14. Shabbir ved
  15. Akshay 
  16. Joshi Niralee Maheshkumar
  17. Vishal p
  18. Paul T Samuel 
  19. Arvindlal
  20. Yadaullah kadri
  21. Pratima sagar
  22. Navdeep Mathur
  23. V P Nandakumar
  24. Nilesh Ranjan Maiti
  25. Soumitro Banerjee
  27. Smita pandya
  28. Meenakshi Joshi 
  29. Dr.Bharat Makwana 
  31. Renu 
  32. Tanmay Timir 
  33. P. N. Thankachan
  35. Shyju A 
  36. Swati Goswami
  37. Neha Shah 
  38. Dev Desai 
  39. Saiyed Mohammad 
  40. Jayesh Patel 
  41. no war
  43. Saba Quraishi 
  44. Abbasi Tinwala 
  45. Mukundbhai M Parikh 
  46. Ananya Tapadar 
  47. Mainak Mondal 
  48. Assaf Kfoury
  49. Shivi Saxena
  50. Kaumudibikash Goswami
  51. Arghya Das
  52. Cyril Closset
  53. Debolina
  54. Usama 
  55. Suvrat Raju
  56. Nicetu Tibau Vidal
  57. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
  58. Brian Shuve
  59. Sarah Tuttle
  60. Nandita Mohandas 
  61. Dr Aparna Mukherjee 
  62. Tapan Kumar Si 
  63. Samim Akhtar
  64. Maumita Bandyopadhyay 
  65. Gouranga Debnath 
  66. Sivakumar M
  67. Prof. Goutam Maity 
  68. Pradipta Bandyopadhyay
  69. Saji K P
  70. Shreeya Pal
  71. Sidhartha Varadwaj
  72. Stephy Jose
  73. Debashish Goswami
  74. Amar Raj
  75. M P Ganesan 
  76. Sadasiv 
  77. Viplav Singh
  78. Subal Chandra Manna
  79. Madhulika Rai
  80. Abdelali El Aroudi
  81. Pravanjan Jana 
  82. Chandrasekar
  83. Dr. Manas Kumar Maiti 
  84. Stop war on Gaza Strip 
  85. சத்தியா 
  87. Anand George
  88. Debopam Acharya
  89. Siva
  90. Uttam Surapati 
  91. Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz
  92. Laxman Bagul 
  94. Karthik N
  95. Siddharth 
  96. MN Ranganath 
  97. M G Devasahayam
  98. Debashis Barik
  99. Asok Kumar Maiti 
  100. Mohammed Shayin 
  101. Akhil Faizal 
  102. Amanulla Khan
  103. Peter Thomas 
  105. Jyothiraj M.
  106. Aditi Mehta 
  107. Yousafv 
  108. Mahnoor
  109. Akshaya Kumar Badu 
  111. Ashir Mohamed A
  112. Md Majid Hussain
  113. Dr. P. Sivakumar
  114. Akhlad
  115. Umar Farooque Mondal 
  116. Suriya
  117. Kathyayini Chamaraj 
  118. N Chellappa 
  119. Drshanmughamm 
  120. Pawel.P
  121. Saraswathi 
  122. Powrnika S
  123. Regurathi Pandian
  124. A.Gerald
  125. Devarshi gangaji 
  126. Ashwin Kumar M
  127. Jeyaraj S 
  128. Susmita Kundu
  129. Md mishba
  130. Zilma Rangel 
  131. Mark M. Wilde
  132. B.D.Tenance 
  133. Shabnam Hashmi 
  134. Sameer Singh 
  135. Kallol Bagchi
  136. Akil Murali
  137. Inamul Hasan 
  138. Rtn. T. N. Jayakumar
  139. Sudhir Vombatkere
  140. John Alexander 
  141. saji varghese
  142. Mohana Kumar
  143. S. Krishnaswamy 
  144. Sharda dixit
  145. Gunaseelan V
  146. Hashim
  147. Pintu Debnath
  148. Ajith Mathew
  149. Sivabalan 
  150. Mohammad Naddaf
  151. Anil Chawla
  152. Ashok Sharma
  153. Abhijit Sengupta 
  154. Venkatesh Nayak
  155. Nalanda Chaudhuri 
  156. Reshmi Ravi
  157. Suvendu jana
  158. Hossein 
  159. Lakkireddy sarath
  160. Basudeb Mondal 
  161. Aldebsali
  162. Dibyasankar Das 
  163. Madhu Bhaduri
  164. Dr, Pradip K. Datta
  165. Dipak Joshi
  166. Prof Santosh Mehrotra 
  167. Pujith Raj 
  168. B S Amaranth
  169. Barathy
  170. PTeja 
  171. Pabitra Banik
  172. Florence Galland 
  173. Cedric Prakash SJ 
  174. S. Charan deep 
  175. Mehathab
  176. Adv Dr Shalu Nigam 
  177. Ramesh
  178. Bishruti Chowdhury 
  179. Pamela Philipose
  180. Simona Sawhney
  181. Shravasti Misra
  182. Binay Krishna Pal
  183. Rupayan Saha 
  184. Anuradha Chenoy 
  185. Solomon
  186. binny yadav
  187. Sapna Arora
  188. Sumita Mehta
  189. Amit Bhaduri 
  190. Gaurav kumar ravi
  191. Su Su Wai
  192. Rahmat Maulana Sidik
  193. Farooq Tariq
  194. Ludo De Brabander
  195. Preeti Mehra 
  196. Namita Unnikrishnan
  198. Chithra S H
  199. Dr Yasmin Saima
  200. Sarmistha Barman 
  201. Carlo Rovelli 
  202. Jai Prakash M.
  203. Sahid Afrid Mollick 
  204. Dr. Sharad Onta
  205. Rajasekhar
  206. Ramesh Dixit 
  207. Subramani Mani
  208. Md Ramiz Aktar
  209. Sugubala 
  210. Madhu Anam
  211. Shreeza
  212. Ipsita Das
  213. Sivagami 
  214. Sanjit Debnath 
  215. Elamathi 
  216. Balamurugan P
  217. Mohamed Rafi Ahmed
  218. Meghali Saha 
  219. Parmanand Yadav
  220. Corazon Valdez Fabros
  221. Anjan Sadhukhan
  222. Nadha rashada s v 
  223. Tribhuwan Nath 
  224. Subhadip Ghosh 
  225. Chandan Santra 
  226. Anjali Ojha 
  227. Prof. Ajay Patnaik
  228. Arundhati Savadatti 
  229. Rashmi Doraiswamy
  230. G.puranaram
  231. S R Malik
  232. Asha Puri
  233. Chaman Lal
  234. Saranya
  235. Achin Vanaik 
  236. Pushpendra Kumar Maurya 
  237. Ankita Das
  238. Payel Das
  239. Hasham uddin Mullick 
  240. Josh Dubnau
  241. Francine Mestrum
  242. Nibedita Lenka
  244. Shadab
  245. Shakthi S
  246. Alfonso Caramazza
  248. Rafi Madar 
  249. Arun Prakash Raj N
  250. Eduardo C Tadem
  251. Rakeshkumar Shukla 
  252. Manish Jaiswal
  253. Debasish Roy 
  254. Dr Arshiya 
  255. Gandhimathi
  256. Mahalakshmi Ramakrishnankrishnan 
  257. Kapil Raj
  258. Chandrima Maitra
  259. Alicia
  260. Mariana Espejo
  261. Jana 
  262. Anirban Dass Dass 
  263. Nagarjuna
  264. Ashoke Sen
  265. Daniel Giles
  266. Mohammad Aslamulla Khan 
  267. Louie John Vallejo
  268. Hirak Chatterjee
  269. Manik Banik
  270. Sunita
  271. Abhishek Dhar
  272. BBG Tilak
  273. Pramod Dhital
  274. Gautam I Menon
  276. Kiran Singh
  277. Debasish Aich
  278. Manav Jyothi
  279. Mayank Mehta
  280. Debashis Mukherjee
  281. Nirmal Duari
  282. Sucheta Bhattacharyya
  283. Palash Baran Pal
  284. Pradip Das
  285. Van Thu Ha
  286. Amit Kumar Mondal 
  288. Dr. Siva Prasad M.S.
  289. Janaky Sreedharan
  290. Dr Jeeja Ganga
  291. Malay Das
  292. Dr. Vasanthi 
  293. Kumaran 
  294. Anjana C D
  295. Debabrata Bera 
  296. Sirajudheen ct
  298. Janeena Mariyam V
  300. Ranjit Kumar Mahata 
  301. Sahla
  302. Dr Salim P V 
  303. BHAVYA 
  304. Lakshmi Krishnan.P 
  305. Fathima Musfina
  306. Dr. Arijit Chatterjee
  307. CV Jayakumar 
  308. Shani. A
  309. ABHINAV N R
  310. Sona K S
  311. v uma
  312. Kadeeja riya
  313. Shabeeba 
  314. SHAMLA K M
  315. Asish Samanta 
  316. Subhraprakash Kajli 
  317. Anamika S Gopal 
  318. JenittaSharmi
  319. Vikas Narvariya 
  320. Muhsina Rasheed
  321. Subhojit Mondal 
  322. Shahana sherin p.v
  323. Goutam Maity 
  324. Aysha lizma 
  325. Midhun Thirumangalath
  326. Shibila A 
  327. Dr Subhamay Banerjee 
  328. Madhu V.T.
  329. Asoke P. Chattopadhyay 
  330. Ayan Banerjee 
  331. Hitesh A H
  332. Muhammed Shajahan
  333. Anjana Davis 
  334. Maryam
  335. Deb Shankar Ray
  336. Abdul Vasih
  337. Shakkira 
  338. Dr. M.Nasser
  341. Dr. Abu Saleh 
  342. Jitendra meena 
  344. Saboora 
  345. Anindita Bhadra 
  346. Ajoy Kumar Ray 
  347. Manoj K
  348. Adeeb A Karom
  349. Dr. V. Sasi Kumar 
  350. Sibin Sebastian 
  351. Sayani Barman
  352. Nazrin Rasheed 
  354. Dr. Rajib Sikdar 
  355. Abhiram Hens
  356. Anil Kumar G
  357. Joy Jeyaseelan K 
  358. Fayis
  359. Dr P A Azeez
  360. Anjal Lele
  361. Sanjay Sajeev
  362. Najirul Haque
  363. Aswathi R
  364. Mini. S
  365. Asaraf
  366. Dr Sajitha M.A.
  367. Adrika
  368. Mangal Kumar Nayak 
  369. Purandhar Reddy Bommana
  370. Ramona Parsani
  371. Moumita Pakrashi
  372. Arun Kumar 
  373. Akshay Kumar Khan 
  374. Ayush
  375. Siddhartha Das
  376. Fidha. K
  377. Kamaran M.K. Mondal 
  380. Munshi Md Zainal Abedin 
  381. Pranav AR
  382. Md Abu Raihan 
  383. Arunjith T
  384. Dr abdurAhiman t
  385. HIMA.P.M
  386. Sirsendu bikash sasmal
  387. Huda thashreefa P A
  388. Tulsi Dass Maharjan
  389. Bhama M Mohan 
  390. Sarbani Oalit
  391. Amar Jesani 
  392. Uves Ayyub
  393. Fathima Pillatharayil Anwar
  394. Anand Zachariah
  395. Aswin R. Krishnan
  396. Jeffrey Bowers
  397. Yug Pathak
  398. Gopalakrishnan
  399. Soaib Alam
  400. Rajeev Bharga a 
  401. Fasna shumsudheen
  403. H.K Sanjay
  404. Arasu 
  405. Sayooj S B
  406. Vania
  407. Saira.c.s
  408. Shemeer
  409. Dr. Abdul Gafar 
  410. Anant Phadke
  411. Pradeep Parrack
  412. Goutam Sardar 
  413. sana contractor
  414. Dr Hariprasad K
  415. Deep saha
  416. Joe Joseph Antony
  417. Muhsina A A
  418. Dr Saleema Beegum CG
  419. Tapash Ghosh
  420. Biju KC
  421. Ashwin 
  422. Nirmal Sabu
  423. Ninu chapagain
  424. Pravitha. RK
  425. Lalit jan Rawal 
  426. Suryadas M S
  427. Aboobacker 
  429. Anurag Lalaji
  430. Shababil Rahman 
  431. Elka Bhattacharya 
  432. Meghdipa Ghosh 
  434. Saharsh Shanu
  435. Anutosh Mukhopadhyay
  436. Madhumita Sinha Roy 
  437. Sougata Patra 
  438. Gracy Andrew 
  439. Pranab Ghosh 
  440. Ramaraj MUTHURAJ
  441. Jagdish Patel
  442. AJAY T G
  443. Dr.Mohan Rao
  444. Abhijit Garai 
  445. Sekar Govindasamy
  446. Sudipta Roy
  447. Jayaraaman 
  449. Amit
  450. Thomas Mathew
  451. Dr. Utpal Debnath
  452. Karuppasamy K 
  453. Jawahar
  454. Akhilesh Kumar 
  455. Abdul Azeez
  456. Santu Neogi 
  457. Amitava Datta
  458. Jagadish Chandra Mishra 
  459. Satyen Kumar Mohanta 
  460. Sayeed Ahmed 
  461. Vijay Kumar 
  462. Abhishodh Prakash
  463. Pranav A
  464. Sabina Yeasmin 
  465. Anshuman Baruah 
  466. Pradeep Mohapatra 
  467. Abdul Gafoor P
  468. Ayuman choudhury
  469. Madhurjya Gogoi 
  470. Avik Banerjee
  471. Sabyasachi Nag
  472. Jayati Ray 
  473. Farhana Yasmin 
  474. Amina parvin
  475. Himaja Gopu 
  476. Stop war on Gaza
  477. Mathujitha
  478. Gayatri 
  479. Sudip das 
  480. Arshita
  481. Dr. Mohammed Ayub Hussain Khan 
  482. Zareena
  483. Ritesh mili
  484. Brian Nord
  485. Meilin Liu
  486. Iftikhar 
  487. Khaja Rasheeduddin
  488. Nikhitha M P
  489. Nicolas Gisin
  490. Kiran Kumar
  491. Haack
  492. Udita Mukherjee 
  493. Lorenza Viola
  494. Satheesh
  495. Michael Hall
  496. Dr Kaaren Mathias
  497. Dr. Flavio Del Santo
  498. Olival Freire Junior
  499. Arijit Paul
  500. Leonardo Miele
  501. Parag Nirmalia
  502. Jan Głowacki
  503. Jacopo Lupi
  504. Rob Thew
  505. Dr. Benjamin Bose
  506. M F Alam
  507. Dr. Ashfaq
  508. Prof. Caslav Brukner
  509. Wolfgang Tittel
  510. Vipin Soren
  511. Vijay Raju 
  512. Martí Perarnau Llobet
  513. Jeremy Attard
  514. Sebastian Horvat
  515. Dr. Anna Niemiec
  516. Leah Mickens
  517. Prof. Nicole Gottdenker
  518. David Costalago 
  519. Luis C. Barbado
  520. Sigrid Schmalzer
  521. Rasigan Maharajh
  522. Dr Emilio Pagani-Núñez
  523. Calvin Wu
  524. Natalya Dinat
  525. Vinton Thompson
  526. Prof. Brian Cleary
  527. Matteo Farinella
  528. Simon Timmins
  529. Anand Raj
  530. Miguel Gallego
  531. Philip Gasper
  532. Adrian Carmona 
  533. Tude Bennett
  534. Alan Meyers
  535. Vijayaraj.A
  536. Benjamin Concepcion
  537. Eduardo Amancio Barbosa Oliveira
  538. Fatima 
  539. Marco Baity Jesi
  540. Bella Seppi
  541. Christy Dolph 
  542. Caitlyn Oliver Brown 
  543. Silvia F. de M. Figueirôa
  544. Dr. Jared Willard
  545. Prof. Ivette Perfecto
  546. Isabel Yannatos
  547. Kunal Palawat
  548. Abby Stitgen
  549. Rhea Caldwell
  550. Laura Weingartner
  551. John Masson
  552. Jessica James Hale
  553. Karol Zyczkowski
  554. George Joseph 
  555. Golam Mohammad Mostafa
  556. Dr. Debdeep Ghosal
  557. Dr Chandan Surabhi Das 
  558. Asit kumar Banerjee
  559. Jessica Santiago
  560. Dr. Shannon Murray
  561. Mashupye Maserumule
  562. Trina Chakraborty
  563. Vignesh Vaikundaraman
  564. Ahmed C Bawa
  565. Ashutosh Rai
  566. Saikat Mondal 
  567. Connie Chow
  568. Soumen Mondal 
  569. Jenan Kharbush
  570. Santu Gupta 
  571. Prof. Robert Newman 
  572. Dr. Sankar Chandra Basu 
  573. Gopikrishnan
  574. Dr. JoEllen McBride
  575. Prof. Dr. Sharad Onta
  576. Archana Prasad 
  577. Logesh Sharma 
  578. Chaitrali Sengupta
  579. Aloke Basu
  580. Sayak Chatterjee
  581. Dr.R.Gangadhara
  583. Dr Guntha karthik
  584. Dibakar Datta
  585. Professor and Advisor Jaya Josie 
  586. Babu P S
  587. Dr. Jason E. Ybarra
  588. വി.വി.വേണുഗോപാലൻ
  589. Rahul Jha 
  590. Sahil Gopalkrishna Naik
  591. Rajkumar Basak
  592. Linda Bergauer
  593. Munna Aziz Chowdhury 
  594. Hemantika Char
  595. Showkat 
  596. Muralidharan Enarth Maviton
  597. Joydip Bhattacharjee 
  598. Chittaranjan Hens 
  599. Santhosh P Jose
  600. Gnana prasuna 
  601. Sariful sardar 
  602. Vijay Kumar 
  603. Anwesha Das
  604. P SHAKEER
  605. Mahiya afreen
  606. S sivakumar
  607. Syeda Sidra Fatima
  608. Manaal Waheed Khan 
  609. Akhter Nehaan Siddiqua 
  610. Pranati Mondal 
  611. Syeda Omema 
  612. Kantipudi Sneha 
  613. K.Rithika 
  614. Akeefa mahvish
  615. Akhter Zeeshaan Siddiqua 
  616. J vinod kumar 
  617. Sobhana Kochunny 
  618. E. Kalyani
  619. Rumana
  620. B . Raghu 
  621. J. Mallesh
  622. Syeda Siddiqua 
  623. Ayesha Amreen 
  625. Nada tabassum 
  626. Uzma Fatima
  627. Safoora saher
  628. Ayesha 
  629. Yamama 
  630. Ayesha Naaz 
  631. Sarayu Alwala
  632. K.Nitya nandini
  634. Khadija Fatima
  635. Sandip Kumar Mondal 
  636. Jayanth
  637. Syeda Umaima Amatul Mateen 
  638. Shaziya
  639. Rabia Fatima 
  640. Ayesha Salma 
  641. Taaha
  642. Aida Faizah 
  643. Basudeb Dhara 
  644. Dr Vinaya Babu
  645. Youniba khanam
  646. Sumaiya kasim
  647. Nusaiba 
  648. Safiya
  649. Lucky Ahmed 
  650. Mutyala Ravindar 
  651. Raheema 
  652. Mohd basheeruddin 
  653. Bhavya jha
  654. Mir Alimuddin
  655. Samrat Sen
  656. Areesha Fatima
  657. Saheli Mukherjee
  658. Pallavi Majumder 
  659. Lubna Afsar
  660. Syeda Asfiya
  661. Pallabi Chakraborty 
  662. R V Subba Rao 
  663. Mohammed rizwan 
  664. Sourav Ranjan Ghosh 
  665. Fatima 
  666. Mumthaz 
  667. Abhijit Sinha 
  668. Dr. Jerry Rivers
  669. S P Mohideen 
  670. Amina Ansari 
  671. Ziauddin shaikh 
  672. Amina Abdul Aleem 
  673. Anita Banerjee 
  674. Some Sankar Bhattacharya
  675. Prof. Goutam Maity 
  676. Parswa Nath
  677. Diana Galván Escobar 
  678. Martha Lucia Granados-Riveros
  679. Priyanka Saha
  680. JVVSatyanarayana
  681. K Mallik Dath Kumar 
  682. Rizwan Jowhersha
  683. Prof Ramakrishna Kolikipogu 
  684. Syed Mohideen
  686. Ahamed Asik 
  687. Rizwan 
  688. Dr. Raju
  689. Ahmed abdul maaz
  690. Syamal Dana
  691. Umme 
  692. Dr. A. Jaya Laxmi
  693. Jayasree Sykam
  694. Sriman 
  695. Arun
  697. Marelli Tripura
  698. Asha Puri
  699. shruthi reddy
  700. Parameswaran Ajith
  701. Kabeer Husain 
  702. Tyakal Venkataramana 
  703. Kavya
  704. Akshit Goyal
  705. Femy
  706. Sumaiya Parveen 
  708. Biju Jayapalan 
  709. Shuja Hussain 
  710. Md Arif Shaikh 
  711. Abbasi Tinwala
  712. Ritesh Harshe
  713. Aleena Fatima
  714. Jahan Aara Ahmed 
  715. Rooksana Begom 
  716. S SRUJAN
  717. Sarfras ali
  718. S. Viswanathan
  719. Vishal Anand 
  720. Mariam Dhawale
  721. K. Mohammed Iqbal
  722. ASHIK H
  723. Vamshi Yelagandula 
  724. B Ankitha
  725. Saumya Sen
  726. Zainab farooq
  727. Shalabh Gautam
  728. Afeefa Azam
  729. K.Sidhartha
  730. Nimrah Ejaz 
  731. Soofiya afzal
  732. Saumya CHAKRABARTI
  733. Sumayya Afreen
  734. Anirban Mukherjee 
  735. N NAGARAJU 
  738. Dr Mira Shiva
  739. Prajnadipt Ghosh
  740. Prerna R
  742. Urooj fatima
  743. M Praneeth kumar
  744. Pratik kuli 
  745. Sravanthi 
  746. A Rahul Yadav
  747. Vinay Kumar
  748. Dulal Chandra Das
  749. Likhitha 
  750. Avi Wadhwa
  751. Mrinal Jyoti Powdel
  752. M Lakshmanna
  753. Charan Tej 
  754. Pronobesh Maity
  756. Himadrija Chakraborty
  757. Sowkhya Shanbhog
  758. Manoj
  759. Shaik.Gousiya banu
  760. Md Sohaib Shahzan
  761. Subramanian.E
  762. Dr. Antony Joseph 
  763. Tapan Dasgupta 
  764. Sai Charan Reddy Dandu 
  765. S.Jagathsimhan Nair
  766. REVATHI 
  767. Aiman Fatima
  768. Sivasankar R
  769. Shaik nargis 
  770. Mahalaxmi Patel
  771. Vennela Racha
  772. Rushitha Amireddy 
  773. Akhter Zeeshaan Siddiqua 
  774. Rekha
  775. M.K.Charani
  776. P.Pakkirisamy 
  777. Asritha
  778. Juwairiyah 
  779. Buram Sanjana
  780. Dr. Pritha Dolai
  781. Dr Arshiya
  782. Mubashira K P 
  783. Fatima
  784. Munaf Ahmad 
  785. Ayesha Siddiqa Mohammed
  786. Balkis Mariyamul Asiya 
  787. Asfiya Kausar
  788. Janya 
  789. Hafsa fatima 
  790. Masarathsaba 
  791. Madina
  792. Bratati Mukherjee 
  793. Shajidha
  794. Vishnu Sreekumar 
  795. Arun Kumar Das 
  796. Sibasish Ghosh 
  797. Mohammed Jahangir 
  798. Etta preethi 
  799. Sreeraj T P
  800. P. Devi kusuma 
  801. P. Devi kusuma 
  802. A.Namratha Rao
  803. Syed Afzal Hussain
  804. Srashti Goyal
  805. Muhammed
  806. Abdul Qayyum Mohammed 
  807. Brinda 
  808. Tommaso Neri
  809. Abdul Azeez
  810. P. Viswanath Reddy 
  811. Syyedabuzma
  812. Zaheer 
  813. Shaik Farzana 
  814. Zaheer 
  816. Mohammad mahaboob jani
  817. Suchandra Chowdhury 
  818. Sony.K
  819. sofiya unnisa
  820. Vikramj
  821. Debarghya Mallick
  822. Zainab
  823. Srivatsava
  824. Climério Paulo da Silva Neto
  825. Shiva Agarwal
  826. Pade Venkateswarulu 
  827. P.Moulali
  828. Saptakatha Adak
  829. Suryajith Chillara
  830. Mitali Damle 
  831. Pulak Kumar Dey 
  832. Rishi Das Roy
  833. Anna Sanpera
  834. Shaon
  835. Prayush Kumar 
  836. Sumanta Shee
  837. Dr.E.Sreekumaran
  838. S GANESAN 
  839. Punyabrata Pradhan
  840. Avishek Sarbajna
  841. Miguel Arocena
  842. Suahanta Mondal
  843. Priyo Shankar Pal
  844. Bharath
  845. Stop war. Protest against war mongers.
  846. Ivette Perfecto
  847. Aasif
  848. Mayu Inaba
  849. Bassem HASSAN
  850. Subhamoy Sahoo
  851. Dr. K.Kayathri 
  852. Pooja Viswanathan
  853. Louis-Eric Trudeau
  854. Anna
  855. Asaraf C V
  856. Syamal Dana
  857. Adam Claridge-Chang
  858. Dr. H. M. Somashekarappa 
  859. Basudeb Dhara
  860. Dr.Bharat A.Makwana
  862. Prof.HARIDASAN NC 
  863. Ajanta Ghosh 
  865. Apurbalal Senapati
  866. Ajit Hore
  867. Dr. Pritam Datta
  868. Subbulakshmi S
  869. Nava Gaddam
  870. Pervez M Quadir
  871. M Banerjee
  872. Sayakdip Das
  873. Sardar Hamid Ahmed 
  874. Samim Riyaj Sheikh 
  875. Joshua Morris
  876. Souradeep Sengupta
  877. Farzana Islam
  878. Lakshmi Suresh
  879. Francesca Nerattini
  880. Swarup Das 
  881. Lakshmi Suresh
  882. Anisha Hossain 
  883. Tanisha Mir 
  884. Agniva Haldar
  885. Sriranjani Manivasagam 
  886. Akul
  887. Susanta Chakrabarti 
  888. Zaib Nesar 
  889. Aparna Sen
  890. Coleen Murphy
  891. Rosalie Yelen
  892. Biswajit Sarkar
  893. Kuntal debnath 
  894. Ananda Chakrabarti
  895. Deb Basu
  896. Rupamanjari Biswas 
  897. Payel Sutradhar 
  898. Sunita Singh 
  899. Dr. Hasnahara Khatun 
  900. John Masson
  901. Rathin Basu 
  902. Pratiksha Ghosh
  903. Sk Saifuddin
  904. Cherif Omar
  905. Soklong HIM
  906. Alfredo Caggianelli
  907. Maria Grazia Giansanti
  908. Simona 
  909. Massimiliano VARDE’ 
  910. Salvatore Napllitano
  911. Dino Pedreschi
  912. Fosca Giannotti
  913. Antonella Palena
  914. Arunabha Saha
  915. Alberto Clarizia
  916. Muhammad Hamza Waseem
  917. Vetonica Morea 
  918. Mayukh RoyChowdhury
  919. Silvia Kirsten Nicolis
  920. Vincenzo Riso
  921. Maria 
  922. Teresa Colombo
  923. Gianfilippo De Astis
  924. Roberto Corsini
  925. Rosalie Yelen

….. and many hundreds more

We could not include the names of as many as 400 colleagues who are afraid of retribution for expressing their opinions.

If you agree, please sign up to support our call
and kindly share the appeal with your colleagues and friends.