The lock-down due to corona-virus in India witnessed the plight of migrant workers in their desperate bid to reach home for their survival. They traveled hundreds of kilometers by foot, by cycle, over the loaded trucks. Thousands of labourers from southern states such as Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala traveled through Odisha on different national highways to west bengal, Jharkhand, Chatisgargh, Bihar and even to UP. Bigyana Chetana Mancha (BCM), Odisha, affiliated to the Breakthrough Science Society, started an online campaign to collect funds and within a few days the friends, relatives, well-wishers and people at large responded to the call and donated generously to the relief fund. The volunteers of BCM procured dry food items, made packings and distributed to the distressed labourers on the national highway. Teachers, students and youth from different localities joined in the relief work. People donated milk packets, biscuit packets for the young children. It is only due to whole hearted support of people at large, we continued this relief activity for 17 days and could provide food to thousands of labourers.