Dear Friends,

The coronavirus outbreak has been labelled a pandemic by World Health Organisation (WHO). People are confined in their home. Scientists, doctors, and medical staff are working on war footing to save people. We are anxiously waiting for normalcy being restored. The young generation always takes a lead role at an hour of crisis, and have shown the right path throughout the ages. They are the torch bearers who ignite the ray of hope. In this situation the student community and science loving people can play an effective role through their creative ideas and initiatives. So, in the lockdown period we are taking up an initiative by which you may contribute small but significant ideas to the scientists and doctors to fight the coronavirus outbreak, and our nation will be benefitted from this batch of talented and scientifically educated young buds. This exercise will build scientific temperament in our society and here lies the significance of this initiative. We solicit your kind cooperation and participation in large number to make this endeavour a grand success.

Thanking you

Breakthrough Science Society, West Bengal Chapter

8A, Creek Lane, Kolkata-700014 // 7003608408, 6291874848, 9433944608


1. Science essay writing

Section -‘A’ (Class 6-8): Topic- Coronavirus infection and the global outbreak / Corona virus: Its effect on ecosystem •

Section -‘B’ (Class 9-12): Topic- Fighting the coronavirus pandemic and the role of scientific consciousness / Science — A ray of hope for civilization in to defeat the pandemic •

Section -‘C’ (college-university level): Topic- Post-coronavirus pandemic future / To combat is ‘Science’ but to succumb is ‘Religion.’

2. Poster drawing

Section -‘A’ (Class 6-8): Topic- Quarantine and person infected with coronavirus •

Section -‘B’ (Class 9-12): Topic- Preventing Coronavirus: the role of awareness and beliefs •

Section -‘C’ (college-university level): Topic- Role of common people and the state in the prevention of coronavirus outbreak.

3. Experiment Demonstration

Demonstrate one experiment from your syllabus (Class VI to XII). Shoot the video using mobile phone or camera. Send us this video. Within the video, the participant should provide the details of the experiment. Only students of class VI to XII can participate. The maximum duration of the video is three minutes.

4. Corona in Cartoon (open to all)

Make a cartoon using pen and paper, or mobile or computer and send us the picture. Subject- Coronavirus


Essays, posters, videos of experiment demonstration and cartoons must be submitted within 15th April, 2020. •

For essay writing:

Write your essay within 500 words. Submit the essay, either in typed in computer / mobile format, or in handwritten mode (handwriting must be clear and legible). The submission format is only PDF. (Mention your Name, class, full address and contact number / WhatsApp number). Send the essay through WhatsApp: Baidyanath: 8443004784 or Goutam: 7679551536 or Sanjib: 9051166939 •

For poster painting:

Use 12” x 18” paper. Take a photograph in high resolution; Mention your Name, class, full address and phone number or WhatsApp number. Send it through WhatsApp – Pintu : 8647090949 or Swagata : 8910356512 or Tanay: 861729412 •

Experiment demonstration:

Mention your Name, class, full address and phone number in the video and send it through WhatsApp : Surajit : 8017176046 or Pratyush : 9432810145 or Prasenjit : 8981537124 •


Send the cartoons mentioning your name, class (if any), full address and contact number through Whatsapp : Pratyush : 9432810145 •

In each category, 5 participants will be awarded after the review and evaluation by renowned scientists and professors.