Breakthrough Science Society strongly condemns the half-day closure of Government offices,
including the leading government Science Institutes, on the day of the Ram Mandir inauguration on
22 January 2024. While we acknowledge the significance of this religious event for millions in
India, we firmly believe that the pursuit of governance, scientific study, and research must remain
independent of and untangled from religious activities. This is the cornerstone of secularism
enshrined in our constitution.

This closure sets a dangerous precedent for the future of secular governance and of science in India.
By prioritizing religious events over scientific inquiry, we send a message that secular governance,
pursuit of truth, advancement of knowledge and rationality are secondary to matters of faith. This
not only undermines the inculcation of scientific temper, secularísm and the crucial role of science
in public life but also sows the seeds of societal division and conflict.

We believe that religion is a matter of personal belief and should not be a factor in determining
public policy.

Therefore, we demand that the government reconsider its decision to close Government offices and
educational and science institutes on this occasion. We urge them to find alternative solutions that
allow people willing to participate in the inauguration to do so while ensuring that the vital
work of governance, scientific research and education continues uninterrupted.

Furthermore, we call upon fellow scientists, researchers, students, and all concerned citizens to raise
their voices against this encroachment on the sanctity of scientific space. Let us stand united in the
defense of reason, evidence, and the unwavering pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of all.

Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay

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