At  Stanley  College  of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, a  seminar was held on “THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN SCIENCE”. Dr Rukmini , HOD Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, was the main speaker. Citing the  illustrious example of  Madam Curie and her life struggle she urged upon the  students to emulate  it. She also expressed the  need for developing  scientific temperament in the society.  The  principal of the college  and Mr R Gangadhar, BSS state convenor, also spoke on the occasion.

On Feb 28,  a seminar was organised at Hindi Mahavidyalaya Degree College. Ch.Murahari, Advisor BSS state chapter and Mr Hemasekar,  Assistant Professor, Methodist college were the speakers. They spoke on the role of science in the development of the society. They also expressed their concern about the science education becoming career centric in the present  day education

A Discussion was held at Hotline High School, Hyderabad.  Mr D Gangaji, President of BSS Hyderabad district and Mr Srujan, BSS  State Executive Committee member explained the importance of developing scientific bent of mind.

On the occasion of the National Science Day, discussions and membership drive were organised in St Pious Degree and PG College. A  total of 270 students  and 23 faculty members became members of BSS.

Discussions were held in two BC Welfare hostels in Sangareddy district.  Mr Usha Kiran,  BSS State Executive Committee member addressed the students.