Breakthrough Science Society (BSS) expresses shock at the ghastly Vizag gas leakage (Styrene) incident which claimed more than 10 lives and has caused hospitalisation of more than 800 people. Many are on  ventilation. We don’t know at any time any thing may happen to them.As per the news reports, there were procedural lapses on the part of LG polymers in reopening their plant after the lockdown.The  LG Polymers is a South Korean company, was constantly pampered by the successive state governments. The APPCB granted Consent for Establishment (CFE) and Consent for Operation (CFO) around the beginning of 2019 for the unit’s expansion despite its being close to residential area apparently without taking clearance either from the state government or from the union ministry of environment.

      We demand a committee comprising scientists, professors, workers and trade unions to be constituted to bring out the truth behind this ghastly tragedy, the responsibility of the promoters of this plant and to find out the reasons why APPCB and the officers of the industrial safety wing allowed such an industrial unit to expand operations and resume manufacturing. And it has to be made sure by the authorities that all such plants which deal with toxic gasses follow all necessary procedures before restarting their plants after this prolonged lockdown. We also demand compensation for the bereaved families and the people whose health was affected.

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