BSS Kerala chapter organised extensive programs in almost all the districts in the state to observe the National Science Day. Reports from different districts follow.


Feb 21: As part of National Science Day lecture series, Dr Luis Sanchez Munoz, National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid, Spain presented a lecture titled “Meteorites: rocks and minerals from outer space” at Priyadarsini planatarium.

Feb 28: Dr Sasikumar, former scientist CESS, Trivandrum gave a talk on “Scientific temper” at eswara Chandra Samskarika Kendram, Thiruvananthapuram.

Feb 28: Dr Sarita Vig, Dept of Earth Sciences, IIST, Trivandrum gave a talk on “Role of women in understanding the fundamental properties of stars” at the Science day program jointly organised by the Dept of Geology, Kerala University and BSS.


Feb 21: A ppt presentation depicting the contributions and life struggles of great scientists in the world and particularly the women scientists from India and abroad was  made at the MT Seminary school Kottayam. Bhadra Gopi and P G Sasikumar conducted the program.

Feb 27: A seminar and a session of ‘Learning science through experiments’ was organised  at MYMA English Medium School, Kanjirappally. K  K Raveendran, P G Sasikumar, Vidya R Sekhar, Amalraj  and Raju Vattappara, conducted the discussions and demonstrations.

Feb 26:  BSS and the Dept. of Physics, KE College Mannanam organised a discussion on the importance of the science day and the contributions and life struggles of scientists, particularly the women scientists from India at Govt, HSS, Arppookara.

Feb27: A discussion on the contributions and life struggles of scientists, particularly the women scientists from India was held at Govt. HSS, Kudamaloor. Dr Jaiby, Dept of Physics, KE College, Mannanam, P N Thankachan and  four PG students of K E College  conducted the program.

Feb 28: A sky watch program was organized at CMS LP School,  Kadamury. Binoy P Johny ,P G Sasikumar, K K Raveendran conducted the program

Feb 28:  A science exhibition was organized at NSS College, Vazhoor.  P G Sasikumar, T V Saji and  Binoy P Johny demonstrated various experiments.

Feb.28: National  Science  Day observed at Devivilasam School  Parambuzha, near Kottayam.  A team from BSS including Ananthakrishnan, Bhadra Gopi, Parvathy, and Yadukrishnan conducted  the program

Feb.28: National  Science  Day observation program was  organized  by ‘Samgramam’  the cultural wing of Kerala  Gazatted Officers Association at RIT Pampady. Dr R Sasikumar, Director  CAPE, inaugurated  the program. Prof P. N. Thankachan, Secretary, BSS, Kerala was the main speaker. This was followed by a sky watch program.

Sky watch program at RIT Pampady, Kottayam

Feb 28: A quiz competition was organised by JCI Kottayam  South and Galileo Science Centre at MT Seminary  School  Kottayam. Prof P N Thankachan  and Bhadra Gopi conducted the program.  Dennis Samuel, President JCI Kottayam South, Head Master Jacob Abraham, P S Sreshkumar, Yadukrishnan and Bharath Nair spoke on the occasion.


FEB 28:National Science Day was observed with a Sky watch program at Millupadi Aluva. Galileo Science Club organized the program. K S Harikumar, P P Sajeevkumar. A G Lasitha, Saketh M, S Arya Anand and Jithin Krishna  conducted the program.

February 29: Sky watch at and astronomy class was organised at Kuthiathodu Lourdes Fathima Church. Fr Pious inaugurated the program. Prof. Francis Kalathungal, P P Abraham and P C Thankachan conducted the class and sky watch program.

March 3: A talk on ‘Women in Science ‘ was organised in Al Ameen College,  Aluva. Mr K S Harikumar, BSS State executive committee member addressed the students.

March 5: An astronomy class and sky watch program was organised in  Cochin college. Francis K, Harikumar K S, Sajeev kumar P P and Thankachan P C conducted the class and sky watch program.


February 25: National Science Day  was observed in Kerala Varma College, Trissur. Dr Babu P S, President, BSS Kerala spoke on the development of science in India, particularly during the renaissance movement and on the contributions of women scientists from India. Dr Sheenaja, HoD, Zoology, also addressed the students. 


February 28: National Science Day was observed in Govt. HSS, Odappalam, Near Sultan Bathery.


Feb28: A discussion and sky watch program was organized by Punthala Yuvajana Vedi  Amplappuzha. Dr Hariprasad , Mr K  Sivankutty, Mr  M Muralidharan and G Balraj conducted the discussion and sky watch.


February 28: National Science Day was celebrated jointly by BSS and the Regional Science Centre and Planetarium, Kozhikode. Dr Reshmi L , IIST, Trivandrum delivered a talk “The unknown universe: Fast radio bursts”.

Mr. Manas Bagchi , Director, Regional Science Centre and Planetarium (RSCP) delivering inaugural address.

Feb 28: National Science Day was celebrated at Providence Women’s College, Kozhikode. The program was jointly organised by the Dept of Physics and Breakthrough Science Society. Dr Reshmi L, faculty member, IIST, Trivandrum presented a lecture titled “Pride and prejudice: the evolving story of women scientists”.