As a part of celebration of National Science Day, Universe Science Forum (USF)  organised various competitions such as Essay writing, Poster making & Science Quiz on 1st March 2020 for school students of 6th to 12th standard. About 120 students from 12 different schools of Ahmedabad city participated in the program. A photo exhibition on ‘Raman Effect and the life of Sir C. V. Raman was also arranged by USF. After the completion of the competitions, brief talks and a few demonstrations were conducted.

Shri Deepak Joshi (Retd. I A S) spoke on ‘The contributions of women in science’. He talked about the life struggles and works of great women personalities like Katherine Johnson, Rosalind Franklin, Dr. Anandibai Joshi, etc. Pointing towards the girl students he encouraged them to take inspiration from these women scientists and to aspire for a research career.

Prof. Mitul Makwana of L. D. Engineering College, Ahmedabad  spoke on ‘Importance of Basic Science’. He explained various basic principles of science such as Bernoulli’s principle,  working principle of air conditioner & refrigerator, etc. through simple demonstrations.

Shri Nishchay Singh, a computer engineer, a science populariser & a U.S.F. member, gave a number of demonstrations explaining ‘The Science Behind Colours’ including the role of cone cells in human eye etc.

The chief guest, Prof. N. N. Rogheliya, a popular mathematician, former HoD, Dept. of Mathematics, M. G. Science Institute, Ahmedabad, explained through demonstrations & math games how mathematics play an important role in our daily activities. The audience and students listened to his talk with great interest.

The audience included school students, teachers and parents. At the end of the program, prizes & certificates were distributed

A view of the audience above and a view of the  experiment demonstration below.